Sunday 8 May 2011

Nothing Much Going on Around Here

No one is coming over to share a Sunday  meal with us today. For me this means that I am still in comfie yoga pants and, far more importantly, as there will only be four of us sat at the table for dinner, I can get away with moving the cutting mat - and all that lies upon it - and then just (gently) shoving the sewing machine over a bit more towards the end of the table. No having to move the whole kit and kaboodle. Woohoo!

I generously used some of these eggs this morning -

- to make breakfast for my loved ones. It sounds like such a nice thing for me to do until I tell you that as soon as they were fed I informed them all that it was each to their own until dinner time. Forage or starve was order of the day. And I am showing you the eggs because?? Well, because each and every time I use one or more of these eggs I am astounded by the yolks. They are such a vivid yellow it is almost scary.

This photo has not been touched in any way. The yolks are just that yellow. I buy the eggs direct from a nice lady who sells them from the family's small farm which I pass on the way to dance each week. I could say I buy them because they are organic and free range and all that other good stuff - but I must admit that the 80p per half dozen was the tipping factor.

Breakfast done and dusted I then dropped a helpful hint in my kitchen wench's ear about Grandma having sent the recipe she wanted. That took care of any baking that needed doing.

The girls are enthralled with a new app they convinced me to buy for the iPad - something to do with Lego and Harry Potter. John is equally enthralled - but with F1 for him. The house is unnaturally quiet for a Sunday. Nice!

And finally, Emily took the time to draw a portrait of her sister. She really concentrated and worked hard on it.

Artistic embellishment would include -
     - mohawk hairdo
     - crossed eyes
     - nose piercing
     - snot something dripping coming from one nostril

My children are special!


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