Friday 20 May 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

I can breath again! What a revelation. Oxygen returning to my brain has left me thinking this - 'What on earth was I doing telling all you lot that I dumped my dirty laundry in the loo?' Good lord, I will have no dignity left!

But I am on the mend. Which is a good thing because I was in imminent danger of self-diagnosing myself with the man flu. That would have been the end of dignity indeed. But I slept last night. Right through to 7am. Amazing! Testament to the fact that I slept - I didn't leave any inane comments on blogs at strange hours of the night.

I suppose the fact that I am on the mend means I can no longer ignore the necessary and will have to do stuff like shop for food. Actually the girls have fed remarkably well considering how I felt. Last night's beef with broccoli and assorted other veggies and noodles went down a storm. I made a huge amount thinking that John could have the leftovers tonight instead of Spag Bol as he isn't so keen on pasta. (Honestly, what person on the face of this earth could not be keen on pasta?!) Unfortunately for him the girls scoffed his lot as well as their own. I just looked on in amazed wonder because my appetite was not at its best so I was no competition for them at all.

The other thing that has amazed me is the positive reaction from my fellow Brit Swappers (is that a proper word?) to my little birdie sketch. I thought that they would take one look and move me down to the beginner level for the swap but they were all so positive. It has made me feel incredibly good. Sort of like how you felt when you were in school and the cool kids included  you in their play (unless you were one of the cool kids and then you have no idea what I am talking about).

In fact, it made me feel so positive about what I could achieve I set about piecing the background for the mini quilt. First there was the sky -

And then there was the landscaping to do -

Next I did something I have never, ever done before. I did a bit of curved piecing AND I only had to unpick the stitches once! I am so pleased with myself right now it is silly.

My little scooter girl just looks like she belongs on that slope. Glad I thought of her. There is a huge amount more work to get done on this little quilt but I do feel that I have made a good start.



  1. That just the start? Wow. Cant wait to see what else happens to it!

  2. Me either, that looks fantastic!

  3. Wow! Susan, you're fast becoming a superstar! This is very sweet - the scooter girl looks really happy on that hillside.

  4. Oooo I love it, scooter girl looks great on that slope!

  5. I have been apointed by a secret organisation to monitor your blog, the members of my organisation hereby formally object to the "man flu comment". It's a myth, man flu doesn't exist. If you continue with comments of this nature we will be forced to pull the google plug on you.....again.

    Big Bro (in more than one way)

  6. it looks fantastic, well done! Looking forward to seeing the end product

  7. And what is wrong with the 'beginners' group!! OK, looking at my sketch maybe you have a point! Glad you are back on form x

  8. Hadley's just copping out! You've got the proportions perfectly between the cute girl & the hill she's whizzing down. Love the colourwash effect of the sky too. Keep going! Jxo

  9. That is a total sterling start! God only knows how you can make this more fabulous - she's just adorable there on her wee hill!

  10. Scooter girl is having a great time on that slope.


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