Monday 30 May 2011

And Then The One With Photos - Yippee!

Yippee to technology that can be dried out in an airing cupboard. My camera still works. Thank goodness for that. Now I can still think about what I want for my birthday when it eventually rolls around. And I can take photos for my blog without me looking at the camera incomprehensibly for endless minutes first.

So, briefly, here is Emily making friends with Ben the Dog -

Helen showing off what she found in the Geo Cache -

No photographic proof of the canoeing or wall climbing because klutz of the year here had already done her deed of destruction.

Then it was Monday, and it rained, and rained, and rained. Bring back April!

My mother-in-law was coming over for dinner today. I have a brilliant mother-in-law. She is intelligent, funny, independent and strong willed. And 87! I am lucky to have her for my mother-in-law. I know this because in our family we had the perfect example of the opposite. My grandmother was not a good mother-in-law. I say that in the most restrained of manners. She was not nice to my mother. So I know how bad it can be and therefore how good I have it.

Else was coming over and I had to think about what to make. Not because it was a big occasion but because (bless her) due to teeth issues you have to make sure that what you make is easily chewed. I decided on lasagna. I would do it properly. I had some bolognaise in the freezer so that was one step down. I made the bechemal and got the cheese. Emily was in charge of pasta. We made the dough together and then she rolled while I layered up the dish.

It took a while to make, but the rain still came down steadily and we weren't going anywhere else. And we had fun together. Then Else phoned and decided she wasn't going to come out in this weather after all. Oh well, we enjoyed the lasagna.

I feel as if I should go and do something now, make something. Only I cleared up the dining room earlier so that we could eat nicely, properly, with Else here. Not on half a table with things all pushed up and piled up at the other end. I am feeling too lazy too haul it all out again and make myself be productive. Well, at least I got all the fabric that was all over the place sorted back into a sensible system - for the time being.

Hope that you are finding nice things to do on this rainy Bank Holiday. If not, come on over, there is still some lasagna left.



  1. The lasagne looks yum! You've got a great wee helper there! We've had mostly sun here today - yippee! Set to warm up later this week too! Jxo

  2. Glad the camera survived!

  3. Glad your camera is back in action and that your birthday pressie will not be sacrificed to replace it!

  4. I have a wonderful mother in law too - aren`t we lucky? Off to check your ealier post about the camera now - wrong order...sorry!

  5. Hello Susan,
    just stopping by to see your blog after you left a comment on mine! I have to say that you are very lucky if you have a lovely mother-in-law. Mine - now no longer with us - was a true horror. I really wonder how my husband managed to turn out so well after being raised by a complete dragon who scared the socks off everyone!


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