Wednesday 18 May 2011

How Much Can I Achieve In One Day?

I'm posting early today because I have a plan. The plan is get my head down and sew like a demon. Get some of these things that need doing done. Or at least moved forward at a noticeable pace. So I thought if I posted early and then just got on with it I might have a chance of managing this.

But first I want to talk about yesterday's post - or the post title to be specific. How on earth did I typo the title, for goodness sake? Actually, I think I have a good idea. I was in a drug induced haze. Before you shrink back in horror please be rest assured it was all legal and above board.

I am full of cold right now. It is progressing, as all colds do, from one stage to another with a rapid vehmence. That means it should be done and dusted soon enough. Meanwhile I am indulging in a good assortment of 'cold remedies'. I take these for one good reason - besides wanting to feel a little less crap. From the time I conceived Helen to finishing feeding Emily was a drug free zone. I am not holier than though about this stuff. It is just what I chose to do. It was a four year drug free zone.

Back then each and every time I had a cold or other illness someone helpfully offered to make  me a hot honey and lemon. As much as I knew this was soothing it did not provide the sleep inducing, symptom supressing help that I craved. On the less than stellar days I was not very polite about those offers of honey and lemon. Before pregnancies and breastfeeding I was quite brave about just putting up with colds and getting on with things.

Now I demand drugs as soon as symptoms kick in. So yesterday was a Day Nurse, Lemsip, ibuprofin feeding frenzy. And instead of blaming the typo in my title on my usual ineptitude today I am blaming it on drugs. Won't Trudi be pleased to hear that I made her blocks in this state. In fact those very drugs might be responsible for my points meeting better than they usually do!

And that brings us back to today. All necessary tasks are completed and everything else that is less pressing shall be ignored. A job lot of bolognaise sauce is simmering in the oven and I have a few short hours to devote to me, fabric and thread. So that is what I am going to do.

The carrot on the end of the stick is I had to use some red wine in the pasta sauce. Therefore, if I am a good, productive little quilter today I can reward myself later on. I am sure that red wine is very, very good for colds. It is, isn't it?

So I am off to partake of a few cold remedies and then take control of a sewing machine. Wish me luck.



  1. I didn't even spot the typo - and I have no excuse!! Feel back to normal soon x

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  3. I didn't spot it either! I think after 3 kids & having my brain turned to mush I'm lucky to be able to spell anything! So sorry you're feeling poorly. Nothing like a little sewing and alcohol to get one through the day! Jxo

  4. Sorry you're feeling lousy. Hope the cold shifts soon.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon Susan - I`ve been sewing like a demon today and am 2/3 through a quilt top - yay! Hope you got done what you set out to achieve and your reward at the end.


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