Monday 30 May 2011

The Post With No Pictures

Well we had our little mini trip to Hampshire and a good time was had by all. Saturday morning we drove down to a village quite near to the Hampshire/Wiltshire border and met our friends. There was a playground by the car park where we waited. Helen almost died of mortification because John and I went on the swings, and enjoyed ourselves, and laughed, and generally did those things that a ten year old finds so very embarrassing. There wasn't anyone around. That was besides the point.

Once our little group was all gathered we put on our boots and headed up a hill. Across a chalky down and to the site of a former hill fort. There we hunkered down and had our picnic. It was a wee bit on the chilly side. But we had fun. I took some photos. Emily fell in love with our friends' dog. She doesn't like many dogs so this was a great break through.

After our walk we headed for Andover and went to Charlton Country Park (I think that I got the name right). There was an activities day happening and lots of things to choose from. Emily went off in a canoe with John. Helen wanted to do the climbing wall, but not until her father was there to watch. Our friends, with Helen, went to play mini golf. I happily sat with dog and bags, etc and kept watch. Only it wasn't that easy.

You need to substitute 'happily sat' with 'clumbsily sat'.  Because I knocked my tea over into my lap. It was hot! I found out that I can still move incredibly quickly when I need to. One small cup of tea can not only soak your trousers and make you yelp. It can get everywhere else too. Like on your camera, in  your camera, make your camera start turning on and off in a possessed manner.

So I don't have any photos us up on that wind blown hill. Or Emily and John in the canoe. Or Helen up the climbing wall. Or the scrumptious barbeque we enjoyed that night. Nor of the lovely little flat that John stays at during the week, or the great views from it.

The camera is in the airing cupboard now. We are not sure if it was a fatal accident or not yet. The longer I leave off testing it the longer I can believe that I won't have to ask for a new camera for my birthday. But John has one I can use. Only we didn't have it with us, so I don't have any photos of our weekend. Shame!

And don't worry about me. My thighs survived the spilling of tea intact. It stung for a while but that was all.

I do hope your weekend was more coordinated than mine.



  1. Oh, sorry to hear about wet camera & thighs! Nice part of the world. I used to live in Dorset next door to Hants. Lovely! Jxo

  2. Ouch! I can't tell you how often I've done that! Sounds like you had a lovely time :)

  3. Oh no! what a shame! I've got my fingers crossed for your camera :)

  4. Put the camera in a bowl of rice - it worked on my phone that fell in the washing up and kept crank calling everyone in my phonebook!

  5. lol, you'd fit in perfectly on a picnic with me and mum - one of us usually ends up with scalded tea thighs... Hope the camera dries out!

  6. Swings are the best - luckily Zaki is too young to be embarrassed by my antics!


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