Friday 6 May 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good? That's easy.
Using up leftover pastry
My favourite kitchen toy
The resulting Lemon Drizzle Cake
The bad (otherwise known as the necessary) -

Replenishing stock
Where does it all come from?
And the ugly -
This would have just come under the 'bad' category if it hadn't let out nigh on a death
 rattle when I turned it on. Can't be from over use.
Must be from neglect.
Then the b*****d fell over on my foot and it hurt - a lot!
So it is ugly big time.
Now this is the ugliest of them all. 7m (yeah, that much) of blackout fabric to line our curtains.
Rental houses don't only come with weed infested gardens. They come with paper thin curtains that are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. So instead of creating more lovely stars I am about to attack the above fabric and attach it onto said curtains in the hopes that sleep will go later than 5:30-6am.
And finally 21. That is the number of spiders I hoovered up a little while ago. And that was only downstairs. Please don't tell me I shouldn't hoover them. They are impossible to reach without that doohickey long attachment and I am not teetering on the top of stools trying to scoop them into cups so I can place outside - only to have them turnaround and march over my threshold again. And I have a daughter who borders on hysteria when she sees them. The hoover is the best weapon I have.

So not a wee bit of quilting news. Life over took my procrastinating sensibilities today and I did what needed to be done. It happens.



  1. At least you have jam tarts and lemon drizzle cake to comfort your procrastination with! LOL mind that hoover doesn't drag itself out the cupboard with all those spiders in it!

  2. The hoover is definitely the best place for 'them'. Good luck with the curtains - you could always erect a teepee type affair, made of black out, over your beds!

  3. Lol! Get a dog! Mine loves eating spiders! Jxo

  4. I remember going through that stage with the blackout fabric. A necessary job if you want to get young ones to sleep before 10 at night!


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