Monday 9 May 2011

Oh My Stars!

I think that this post will have to be short and sweet out of necessity. So, quickly on to the things I have to report.

A long time friend of mine, who lives in Finland, has fallen in love with my wonky stars. How nice is that?! She has commissioned a quilt from me made with said stars. I am very excited because this is only my second commission. My first went well until the delivery date. The same week of which the person who commissioned it fell victim to the 'current economic crisis'. In other words, her husband lost his job and that was my quilt selling down the drain. I couldn't argue because buying my quilt was the least of their worries. It worked out okay because I gave that quilt to my mum at Christmas and she was more than thrilled. And now I have another commission. Yeah!

Something unusual happened here today as well -

It absolutely tipped it down for a little while. We have barely seen a drop of rain since the beginning of April. The farmers must be doing a happy dance!

Last, but not least, I have been diligently working on my Pay It Forward gifts. They should be ready soon. Small peak at the fabrics I was using today -

Once these gifts are complete then all my focus will be on my Bee blocks for Ms May (aka Trudi). That's my life mapped out for this week then. I'm off to tap dance class  for Helen now. Any other news will have to be told tomorrow.


(That was brief and to the point. Completely out of character for me!)


  1. Congratulations on the commission - it`s a great feeling isn`t it? Somebody likes your work so much that they want some of it too. Yay! Love the rain but I need it to hold off for a few days - but good for the farmers. They do the happy dance here too when it rains.

  2. I like the sneak peak...those are pretty colours ;o)

    Glad you landed a commission quilt...well done. Even better that it's using colours and blocks you like making!


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