Tuesday 10 May 2011

Not So Graceful After All

In my minds eye, I know how I want to age. Gracefully and unconcerned with the ravages of time. So I decided that I would apply this logic to my hair. It started going grey in those years where my mind temporarily lost all focus - also known as the early years of childhood for the mother. As I didn't pop my kids until my late thirties it was quite a shock to wake up one day, and find out that those years of no sleep and being on duty all the time had done some rather remarkable things to my body, and hair colour. Things that did not make me smile.

But I remained upbeat and decided a couple of years ago that I was going to become an earth mother who embraced the changes as just another stage of life. I would be like this -

Me and Helen Mirren - the epitome of aging gracefully.

Bollocks! If I had any doubt in my mind that I was dealing with this quite as I would like to then a short while spent in the H&M changing rooms yesterday set me straight. It didn't take long in front of full length mirrors with overhead fluorescent lighting to tell me things that I did not want to know. Some things could not be fixed instantly. Others could.

A quick trip to Boots was all it took -

Half an hour of my day and I feel so much better than I did. Maybe not up to Helen Mirrens's standards but I do feel a little less like this -



  1. LOL! I've been going grey since early on in my 30's. Thankfully my sister's a hairdresser so I make ever more frequent trips to her salon to 'top up' the roots! What a chore!

  2. LOL the only time I make it to the inside of the changing rooms of H&M is with the Teenage Diva! Who, by the way, was shocked to silence (well spluttering!) when I told her I used to buy clothes at River Island! Can't beat a good session with a box of colour!

  3. Oh how I know that feeling!!

  4. You make me chuckle Susan!

  5. LOL - We'll talk tomorrow!! I've been having the same issue as I've been turning into the bride of Frankenstein with bands of white!

  6. Well I've just about wet myself laughing (something else that comes with age - laughing and sneezing , very dangerous). Does this mean you now go around shaking your hair saying "coz I worth it" in a Canadian/Geordie accent?
    I have had the burden of being a ginga throughout my days, but at least it means I'm not going grey (yet).

  7. It won`t be long for me too - I was fortunate to inherit my dad`s hair and so the grey is mostly hidden in amongst fair hair but they are ever more visible. Ughh.


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