Tuesday 24 May 2011

Treats of a Non-Fabric Nature

Today I am not doing anything. No cooking. No cleaning. No sewing. I will pick the girls up from school as I did take them so sort of shot myself in the foot there. I have decided that I am not recovering from this silly bug I caught fast enough so therefore I am going to very slothlike and just let my body rest.

It feels weird!

In aid of this quest I went shopping. I bought treats. Nutrition did not come into the equation anywhere. Dinner will involve opening packages and heating the contents in the oven. I may peal a carrot or two, and slice some cucumber to accompany it and ease my guilty mother conscience. That has yet to be decided.

For myself I have bought this -

- because I love cook books. I think they make good reading and I couldn't resist the cover on this one. It does not mean I am going to suddenly leap up and whip up a batch of macaroons. It does mean that I will read it and crave them and wish that they didn't cost about £2 each in the shops. Some day I will have to give you a glimpse of my cook book collection and you will see that I am a woman possessed.

In my quest to relax I bought two books of the non-challenging sort. Good, fun, easy reads that brighten a day and make you smile in the end. Girlie reads.

For tonight I have another treat. Of the non-alcoholic nature because I don't tend to have a drink when John is not here in case - well just in case some unknown thing happened and I had to drive the car in the middle of the night, etc. Paranoid thinking, I am sure, but since I didn't buy myself a nice wine I opted for a nice dessert instead.

As I was feeling good hearted and happy with the world once I made the decision that I was going to avoid all activity today I enjoyed my shop for things usually forbidden, and I topped off the shopping bag with a treat for the girls because I love them.

So, I am off to toast a bagel, read a book and - hopefully - fall asleep. I have set my alarm just in case that scenario happens. Wouldn't want the school ringing to find out where I am!!



  1. Glad you're taking it easy. I've just had the same problem leaving a comment on Poppy Makes, & she recently switched off her WV. I also had it on Felicity Quilts. I'm starting to get paranoid now so I've put out a HELP thread on Flickr for suggestions. Jxo

  2. It's all to easy to keep on going full steam but sometimes a little rest a treat or two are just what you need. Hope you enjoy your relaxing day and the key lime pie, yum :)

  3. Sounds like a plan!!
    I bought my Mum the Macaroon book for Christmas, but she doesn't seem to have taken the hint!!

  4. Oh I used to eat Love Hearts as a child and haven`t eaten them since - I wonder whether the messages on them have been updated (like `whatever!` or `talk to the hand`) or whether they are the same (`Be my sweetheart`)..do tell. Hope you enjoyed your relaxing day and you are on the mend.

  5. Hope you enjoy the key lime pies and get a good rest so you can shake it off soon!

  6. Aw, wishing you a speedy recovery, I'm sure the key lime pie will help :)

  7. Hope you feel better soon, and your dessert looks delicious!

  8. I'm going to have to make macarons tomorrow now that I've seen the picture. Maybe the chocolate ones you gave me the recipe for. Your quilt looks amazing btw.


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