Friday 27 May 2011

Don't Be Tempted

Really, trust me on this, don't be tempted by this photo -

They are oatmeal raisin muffins. But you wouldn't want them. You wouldn't! I know because I just ate one. If you chucked me in a swimming pool right now I would go down like a rock. And you're talking about someone with a couple of natural built in flotation devices here! Dear me, these muffins are disgusting! I found the recipe on the Internet. There is no where to leave a comment. Some other poor unsuspecting person may make them. I regret that I can't warn them.

If anyone has a need for something very solid, and heavy, for any purpose other than digesting, please let me know. You can have them. I don't want them!

No sewing accomplished yet today. I thought the day was going to be wide open for creation but it isn't. Oh well, it has been a good week. I leave you with a picture that Helen did yesterday of a cactus. She didn't have a model - just a memory - they are studying the desert at school. I like her drawing.

I've got to go. I feel vile from that muffin. How long can it have this affect for goodness sake? On the bright side, it would be a great diet - you wouldn't want any other food for absolutely ages after eating one of these muffins. The weight loss could be phenomenal.



  1. I was prepared today. When I saw your cakes in my reader, I went and got my lunch. Not sure if it was the super-duper way you sold them, or the ingenious provision of thai chilli crisps, but this post did not make me feel hungry at all. Winner :-)

    You could mince them up and make icecream? Use them as pattern/fabric weights? Knock out a couple of unsuspecting children?

  2. Sorry the muffins were a disappointment! I love Helen's picture of a cactus - brilliantly shaded and spiked! Hope you feel less leaden soon!

  3. You know, the same thing happened to me with raisin and oatmeal muffins- I think it may have been the oatmeal, but I'm not sure. I don't know if a 'bad' batch of flour would do that? I even contemplated writing to the cookbook writer to complain...but you know how it goes, that never made it to the top of the list

  4. Oatmeal has that same effect on me - bungs you up for days!! If you watered it down you could re-point the bricks on your house with it! Cool cactus pic! Talented lass! Jxo

  5. Quick, Jo - Life In Lists is after paperweights!

  6. I am sorry your muffins were awful, but I had a great chuckle -- albeit at your expense. Muffins are always such a challenge for me because you just can't mix them, and I usually manage to over mix them. Have you ever tried Canadian Living's Butter Tart muffins? They always work out. Mmmmmm. I'm happy to share the recipe if you'd like.

  7. Surely you have some doors that need propping open? :) bad luck on the muffins, I am about to make some yorkshire puddings, lets hope they don't go the same way :)


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