Saturday 28 May 2011

It's a Good Day For a Picnic

Actually, looking out the window it is most definitely not a day with a siren's call to come outside and dine. But that is neither here nor there, because the plans are made and we are going. We are off to the wilds of Hampshire. The northern parts of the county. The girls are going to see where their dad spends his weekdays. We have packed the hiking boots into the car, along with a sleeping bag or two, extra pillows and the essential soft toys for a night away.

The sandwiches are made -

Juice boxes ready. Crisps, most definitely. Carrot sticks, because I love my raw veggies (really I do). Oatmeal muffins? You have got to be joking! The only place they have gone is the bin. I would have had to hire a whole pack flock pride a couple of Sherpas to haul those up the hill. No, it was Mrs Crimbles to the rescue -

I have made lots of brochettes of scallops wrapped in bacon for the barbeque tonight - our Hampshire friends are hosting. The weather does not look any more conducive to a barbeque than it does for a hike and a picnic but it will be fun to see friends, be out of routine and getting some fresh air.

I hope you have a great weekend planned and enjoy yourselves. I'll be back tomorrow night.


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  1. Hope you had a lovely week in Hampshire and the picnic/BBQ went well. Yes, up your neck of the woods (ish)for the weekend and back off home on Tuesday :-(


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