Monday 2 May 2011

Child Labour

All those early years of childhood, which are such a joy but can be very, very hard work, do eventually pay off. Really, they do. I realised that this morning while I lolled about in bed reading blogs on the iPad and Helen was downstairs making the 'treats' for their lunchboxes tomorrow. Yup, it was cakes again, but not a complaint from me. One task was checked off my list of things to do today. Children aren't just fun, they are useful!

Then, as the sun was shining and it is my mum's last day with us we did what you do for entertainment around here. It was down to the canal for us.

The girls thought it was going to be all about posing -

- but I had other ideas. I put them to work, for strangers, just for the joy of it. (Ah, go on, they loved it!)

I was the one shouting 'Push!' from behind the camera.

A bit more practice.

And then they were doing it on their own.

Then, poor Helen was all by herself because...
...Emily was making friends.

She even ran down the canal beside them so she could continue her conversation. Bless!
The reward for all the hard work was for me to give the girls, for the first time ever, permission to cross over to the other side.

And then there was the joy of being on the opposite side of the canal to me -

So a little child labour does no harm in our household. I get cakes and they get to have fun. After all, does this look like a severely traumatised child?

I  have thoroughly enjoy the past few days and will miss my mum lots when she has left, but I am looking forward to reclaiming the dining room table and turning that space back into mine! After writing yesterday's post about projects I need to complete I am just itching to get on with it.



  1. Looks like you had a fantastic day. And I am with you: hard hard work in the young years, but then they develop in to wonderful young adults. My two are 14 and 17 and they are the best: thankfully teenage strops and angst don't appear too frequently. So, well done to you-your children are a credit to you

  2. Hello you know its something I've never done, it looks like fun but I bet its hard work after the first one!

    I'm making a cushion for my Mum to take to Canada in June(as a present for distant relations). I have no idea what their taste is I'm going for new englandish style, hope they like it!


  3. What a lovely day! I think it will be a little while before Felix is baking cakes for me, whilst I get to read blogs!

  4. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd hope my kids would have as much fun as yours (and make good cakes too)


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