Wednesday 4 May 2011

Cooking and Sewing

You may fail to see the correlation between the two subjects in the title of today's post but in this household there is. Because I sew the same way I cook. I don't follow recipes very well and just get on with it. As I say to the girls, 'What's the worst that can happen? You can't eat what you made. So what? Get a takeaway and learn from the experience.' I improvise. I play with food. I put in a little of this and a little of that. I have been cooking for a long time. Therefore these days much more goes right in the kitchen than wrong. I am confident about my kitchen skills.

But as I sat there sewing today it occurred to me that I have taken on quilting in the same manner. I have mentioned before that I have never used a quilting pattern. I never saw the need. I look at photos of quilts. I have seen some I love. I have replicated some parts of patterns but never the pattern as a whole. I change things to suit my needs. Isn't that what quilters do? Each and every quilt ever created, with a pattern or without, is unique and reflects the quilter who made it. Making blocks is a matter of simple maths - or more complicated in some instances!

And just as a matter of record, I seem to crochet with the same haphazard mindset.

So, back to the matter at hand today. I was winging it once again. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It just took a while and involved more pulling out of stitches than was entertaining. But I got there in the end and I am so pleased with the result of my play with fabric. I look at it and already know what I wish I had done differently, but let me tell you - it was hard enough for me to manage this.

I wanted the effect of the pinwheels starting to blow away in the wind. Not sure if I accomplished it totally but I did manage to make what I saw in my imagination.

I wish that I had done the top middle pink pinwheel a little more off to the right as it looks too close to the one on the left as I put it off kilter. But the blue one that has totally lost its moorings I think I managed well.

I still have to hand applique the pinwheel points down, the ones that go over the pink box line surrounding the pinwheels. That shouldn't take long. Then I need to think about the backing. I may go and look at another project while I ponder this over the next couple of days. I enjoyed this challenge though.

I already  have in mind to quilt it like the wind is blowing from the bottom left hand corner. Can't describe it but as per usual I can see it with my mind.

Tonight I will start crocheting a border for my brown granny squares. I have made as many squares as my yarn supply will allow so time to bring on the next stage.

Don't worry, there is still some chocolate bunny and the remote to keep me company after the girls go to bed.



  1. Oh I was reading your post and looking at your photos and thinking what a great quilt you`d made when I wasn`t normally a big pin wheel fan and it`s because it`s different - I can totally see them blowing in the wind. What a great result and well done...also well done for having some chocolate left over. Result. Result!

  2. I love the wonky scooter pin-wheel!

    My cooking and quilting are similar too - but that's more along the lines of trying to get the best outcome with the least time, money and pain!

  3. Fab idea for the pinwheels! Isn't using your imagination great fun! Loving the cute granny squares too - I always love other people's more than my own! Go figure! Jxo

  4. Love the quirkiness of the pinwheel quilt...very clever!

  5. I love your idea of fly away pinwheels. I want to do something similar with some basket blocks - make them look as if they were just scattered on the background. Also love your granny squares - I just posted about my new project - a granny square bag. What treats you have made for the eyes!

  6. I love that you are not afraid to be creative and it's great to be allowed to peek in (or stalk) your ideas! I love your pinwheels - that top right one looks so cheeky, like he just can't sit still a moment longer so he's off! Really lovely movement in your design, Susan!

  7. I totally adore those pinwheels, you absolutely nailed the idea of them blowing in the wind. The top right one is my fave!! And your crochet looks lovely too :-)

  8. That pinwheel floating away is inspired.

  9. Thank god I can quilt better than I can cook! But for either I need recipes. I wish I could "think outside the box" like this - I so envy you. Maybe it will come as I sew more.

  10. Your Sherbet Pips pinwheels are stunning! Your quilt will bw beautiful.


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