Wednesday 24 August 2011

While I Wait

I am slowly plowing through the list of things I wanted done before Friday. The worst of them, taking the girls shopping for new school shoes and uniform, was accomplished yesterday and left me thoroughly traumatised. I won't complain about the cost because I am sure that lots of you have had to spend much more. But I will whinge about the take a number and wait your turn bit in Clarks and how very, very long we had to wait for our turn to come up. I almost lost the will to live. But we did survive, the task is done - and thank goodness for that!

I have made a mosaic in preparation of the launch of the Mug Rug and Goodies Swap. If you are not aware of this then pop on over to Fluffy Sheep Quilting and sign up if you are interested. There are still two days left before sign ups close. Cindy would love to have you join in, and so would I. It took me a while to make my mosaic and I only put 12 photos in from my favourites in Flickr, but I think that is enough to show that I have a childish delight in bright colours and bold design.

Next on my list was cutting my fabric for the Across the Sea Modern Quiltalong. It took me a long time pondering, and a lot of digging through fabric to finally come up with a combination that made me happy. I am new to the concept of putting together fabric combinations myself rather than relying on FQ bundles of fabric from the same line. I don't have much confidence in the whole rigmarole yet, but for once I made myself happy. These are the fabrics I am going with.

I used the FQ of Quite Contrary by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake fabrics - the one in the middle on the left - as a base for pulling in all the other colours. A quick consultation with my fellow QAL quilters assured me that white would be the backing fabric of choice for everyone - so white it is. That's that sorted. Think I need to order some more white though.

Cutting next.

Job done.
Next on the list of things to do was post lots of things that needed posting ages ago. What is bothering me is that something is niggling me. That I have something else I am supposed to post but haven't. I am sure I will remember as the car hits the M40 on Friday and it is too late until September. (Hours later.) Ah, I remembered - Nicky, the FoQ guide is in an envelope now.

Only I didn't make it to the post office. Because I was waiting for a delivery. All day. It came, and now I have to go because I have a new toy.

You will have to try and picture the ridiculous grin on my face.


  1. Lovely fabrics Catherine - sorry Susan...congrats to you and well, you on the arrival of your new 'baby'. Now 'Go' and play and make us all wildly jealous!

  2. Oh, I think I can imagine - ear to ear?! I love your choice of fabrics for the QAL - I think you're better at making your own 'bundles' than you think! Enjoy your new arrival - will he have his own place at the dinner table?!

  3. oooh Finally, you got your baby! Best get cutting, reckon you can do it in 24hrs?! Have fun!

  4. I am so glad that it arrived in spite of the hiccup along the way - I look forward to seeing what you make with it!

    Pomona x

  5. Gorgeous fabrics for your ATS QAL. I'm sure once you're playing with your new toy the traumatic memories of school shoe shopping will be easily repressed! Enjoy & feel free to practise using it for your turn on Brit Bee!! Jxo

  6. Hurray it has arrived, but boo - just before you go away, how frustrating.
    I am off tmrw a.m, so hope you have a lovely time away x

  7. Oooh it arrived! Hope you're having fun with it :-) I do love your fabric choices, they are great. And your mug rug mosaic too, so pretty!

  8. Oh I reckon that Baby! is going to give you sleepless nights and keep you up late and resorting to eating junk and never washing!

    (No, 'obvious' addition to that sentence - tee hee).

    If you ever need a baby-sitter, you know where I am!

  9. Hope you have loads of fun playing! I absolutely LOVE the fabrics you have chosen for the across the sea QAL - I love that Riley Blake line (got a wee bit of a pink fq left and am eeeeking it out in tiny pieces project by project).

  10. Hi Susan! You have chosen really beautiful fabrics! I love those colours and especially the first in down photo (circle flowers)!
    Enjoy your Baby, I'm waiting mine to come!
    xxx Teje

  11. Ohh a go baby, am very jealous. I expect a post very soon trying it out.

  12. I have that entire Riley Blake line and it's sitting here waiting for inspiration to strike.

    I love the fabrics you've put together for the Across the Sea quiltalong. Very pretty!

    I'll have to try and win myself a Go! cutter. They sound like they make short work of cutting!

    So glad you survived the shoe shopping...

  13. Way to GO! Susan! and congratulations on completing the school shoe shop, we did that yesterday too, and a new bag (couldn't convince the teenager a recycled pair of jeans was a g8 idea!)

  14. Ack don't you hate it when new toys arrive just as you're about to go away on holiday. Bet you will be rushing to pack at the last minute because you've been too busy playing lol...
    Loving all the pretty colour and fabrics- your new qal will look so pretty :).

  15. Oh no, tickets and a queue?! at Clarks?!!?! I was contemplating taking Felix for her first pair of shoes but I think I'll wait til school hols are over! Love your mosaic and your choice of fabric for the QAL, it's going to turn out lovely :) x

  16. I love your Flickr collage, and would like to investigate some of those projects further, but didn't see a link (Mind you, I'm on my 2nd glass of red wine tonite, and possibly missed and obvious link). I haven't ventured yet into Flickr, but I have trepidatiously (word?) ventured into Pinterest, but still don't completely understand either one. (And I'm a technophobe-- the blog thing is a big enough endeavour for me). All I know is I'd like to bookmark tutes and projects that I admire and would like to try (or be inspired by). I'm in the goodies swap, too, so I'll be wanting to "stalk" the interests of my partners. Any advice?

  17. Oh Susan your baby has arrived! Are the girls jealous and what is the name? Did your hubby know you were expecting? You hid it so well at FoQ apart from the stroking and longing look on your face! I an glad the stork sorry UPS man got there ....

    Great fabric choices and just take it with you - or I'll report you to the NSPCBaby Gos! - there has to be one!

  18. Love your choice of fabrics for the Across The Sea QAL.
    I love my Go Cutter that I won a month or so ago, it's so good I think I'll only make quilts with the shapes that it cuts, from now on, lol. Cutting the HST's was an absolute dream.

  19. Yey Susan! You got you're baby! We should join a mama's club :-) What dies did you choose?

    I love your fabric pull, very sweet :-)


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