Monday 15 August 2011

August Bee Blocks

The gloriously funny and wonderful Narcoleptic in a Cupboard is Miss August in our Brit Bee. And it is her birthday today! Go on over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday. She won't be expecting it at all (until she reads this post, that is). Sarah is one of the wonderful reasons I love blogging so much. I am determined to drag her down to the mainland (she lives on the Shetland Islands) next summer so that we can do an assault of the quilt show together with a few others.

I didn't find out about her birthday in time to send her a card. But I have finished her blocks on the perfect day. So Happy Birthday, Sarah. Here are your bee blocks. I truly hope I haven't disappointed you because I just jumped in and started cutting and sewing without much of a plan other than a half formed idea in my head.

I'm calling this one 'Broken Window'.
If that doesn't work for you treat it like one of those ink splodges and see what it looks like to you.
We could then psychologically analyse your findings.
Mosaic Hodge Podge.
The two of them together.
(Self explanatory really!)
So there you have it, Sarah. Your bee blocks will be posted off before the end of the week. I hope they fit in with the others and that this black and blue quilt meets all manly requirements in your household!

Again, a very happy birthday. Enjoy yourself.



  1. Broken window is very cool! And quite apt after all the riots!

  2. I like... a lot ! I also did mine yesterday but haven't posted about them yet.

  3. You are so creative!
    And I particularly love that Mosaic!!


  4. Hope that isn't copying a real broken window at your house Susan?

    I was wondering if it was blackbird flying into a window! But that says more about me I guess...failed that ink spot test again!

    How clever to make your own patterns - I have not been brave enough to just let go! Love the black/blue colours very dramatic!

  5. Your broken window block keeps going through my head and ideas are popping up - can you give us a close up so I can see how you did it! Pretty please?

  6. They're lovely! I can't wait to see what the final quilt looks like (hint, hint Sarah). The mosaic is lovely and broken windows lives up to its name. Very cool!

  7. Awww Susan! Thank you! I absolutely love the blocks, especially broken window!! (as for the inkspot, lets not.. god only knows what depravity my psyche would throw up...) LOVE my blocks :-) xxx

  8. Love the broken window block - cool designing!


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