Tuesday 5 April 2011

Where Do I Start?

I don't know where to start this post. There are so many things to tell you. Suppose I shall go with that age old wisdom of starting at the very beginning...

Yesterday started bad. So bad in fact that I didn't think I was going to make it through the school run, let alone the rest of the day. After four months of having a steady progression of germs going through this house I thought it was finally my turn. But I am a mother. I can't get sick. John was away for the week for work. (He would have come home if I even hinted at it so please don't think that he was uncaring.) The girls had things on AND it was the Easter Egg Hunt. This was not a day that sick could come into the equation.

Mind over matter won out for a change. It was touch a go for the first few hours but I was determined. And the day went off without a hitch. It just got better and better. Got to love that!

The Easter Egg Hunt was a success. I don't have photos because (a) I would never put photos of anyone else on here unless I had clear permission, and (b) it was blowing a hoolie out there and we were losing 'easter eggs' out of the playground and into the sheep field faster than the kids could find them. It could have been a disaster but one of the Dad's gamely went after the egg halves he could see and in general everyone took it good naturedly. We have had some lovely feedback on what a good time it was. (Thank goodness for that.) Plus we made about £200 for the PTA which isn't bad for a short after school event and such a small school. Yippee!

The girls and I rushed home from that so that I could make them the world's fastest bacon sandwich to top them up. We only had twenty minutes before we had to depart for Helen's tap dance class. That was yippee number two for the day. Helen's foot is finally starting to feel more like normal and she isn't hobbling so much any more.

After the girls were in bed I came and had a look at my emails and there were my final two yippees of the day. One, the lovely Sarah at Sew Me gave me a link to here that taught me a way of winding my yarn into balls without bringing on an impending attack of insanity. And it worked!

Sorry about the photo quality but I learned that it is difficult to get a picture of your own knees when sat like this. I managed to wind two more balls in just 40 minutes. What a relief. I may actually be crocheting by the end of the week.

The other lovely thing Sarah did for me was nominate me for this -

Wow! I've only been blogging for two months so I am really surprised that anyone is reading me let alone nominating me for something. I am thrilled. I am so glad that there are not only people reading this blog but liking it too. It is fantastic.

When you are nominated for this award you have to do three things -

1. Thank and link back to the person who bestowed the award - so thanks again Sarah at Sew Me. You should check out her blog if you haven't already because she is a very talented lady.
2. I have to share 7 things about me (so here you go): 
  1. I have visited approximately 75 countries - so far.
  2. I have ridden on camels in four of those countries (that includes a go on one in the Toronto Zoo).
  3. I had the best job in the world back in my 'career days'. I worked for Princess Cruises and was the Shore Excursions Manager so that meant I had to be off in port and see things. I was very, very lucky. (And that is how I accomplished most of the 75 in fact number one above.)
  4. I only learned to drive after Emily was born.
  5. I have lived in five different houses in the past ten years. (And I hate moving!)
  6. I am so uncoordinated that it took me about 30 years before I could competently catch a frisbee. Catching balls is still beyond my capabilities.
  7. When I was four I was Mary in my nursery nativity play.  
3. Bestow the award on 6 recently discovered bloggers. 
I have only been reading blogs since January this year so all of the below are new to me. I have tried to pick other bloggers who are relatively new to all of this so that they get discovered by more people. Some of them I have had the odd message back and forth. Some have no idea who I am and that I read their blogs regularly.  I hope that they all enjoy being nominated.  
  • Life's Rich Pattern - incredible photography as well as gorgeous quilts
  • Lily's Quilts - most of you will have heard of her but her blog & quilts are lovely, and she gets other quilters involved through QALs and a new monthly blog for everyone to show their current projects
  • Bearpaw - Jo has a great eye for colour and her pin cushions are amazing
  • Blue-J Cottage - it was Julia's post about making her own wedding dress that first caught my eye
  • Sew Quine - she makes all sorts of wonderful things, not just quilts
  • Blue Elephant Stitches - bright modern quilts from someone with a great eye for fabric and colour
  • Sew Sara - I did my first ever swap that she organised. It was scraps but it's a start for me. 
Right, I think that I have fulfilled my obligations. It has been such a wonderful experience to open my email and see that Sarah had nominated me and I hope that those I nominated are as happy. Please do have a look at their blogs because these are talented people.

Okay, I just reread the above and see that I have made a mistake already. I did seven stylish bloggers instead of six. I still had seven on my mind due to the seven facts about me part. All the blogs I nominated are truly deserving and I have already emailed them to let them know that I have nominated them SO seven it is, for this time at least. There is no way I could choose between them and eliminate them either so sorry for my inability to count/follow instructions - but I think that if you have been reading my blog then you will understand that this is just one hiccup of many in my life.

So yesterday started blah and ended yeah. Can't ask for much more than that. I am going to post this now and go do some sewing.



  1. Congratulations Susan on your award - you so deserve it, and thank you so much for nominating mine! I`m absolutely thrilled and will do my best to comply with conditions of accepting it later today. Thank you again and have a great day!

  2. Hey congratulations and thank you for passing the love on my way - you've made my day :-)))

  3. Thank you for nominating my blog, Susan! I really appreciate it! And congratulations for getting an award yourself after such a short time. I have had one of these awards before so if you want to take me off your list so that you are sticking to the rules, that would be fine. I would still treasure the lovely sentiment from you. Off to check out some of the other blogs you have mentioned now!!

  4. So glad you got the knees trick to work! I am exhausted just reading about your days - you pack so much in! Hope you get to the fun crocheting part soon!

  5. Jo, thanks for letting me know you have been nominated before. Makes me being incompetent and putting down seven blogs instead of six work out rather well! I will leave your name up there because I think your blog is well worth looking at anyway. If that is totally against the rules then someone let me know, please.

  6. Hi Susan, congrats on getting your award and thank you sooo much for nominating my blog for one too :) cheered me up no end!


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