Thursday 7 April 2011

Facts of Life

Fact - If you pretend you aren't aware what time it is and just continue sewing you can stipple an entire (baby) quilt between the school run and dinner time.

Fact - If your children can tell the time they don't fall for this as easily as you might hope.

Fact - Children don't like you answering a question with a shrug of your shoulders any more than we like it when they do it.

Fact - Children can eat a lot of pasta and caesar salad if you make them wait until almost 7pm before you feed them.

Fact - They will still give you nice compliments on the quilt you just finished stippling. The very quilt that made them wait so long for their dinner.

Fact - I have nice kids!

Fact - Cutting, trimming, seam picking and general mayhem leads to this wastage -

Fact - I am so much happier with with the new quilt top.

Fact - I am happy with the fussy cuts quilt top too.

Fact - I have nine balls yarn all wound into balls.

Fact - I have the binding sewn on to fussy cuts too.

Fact - It is a really nice day and I am going outside.



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