Sunday 24 April 2011

Bunny Invasion

In this house it wouldn't be Easter if there wasn't a visit by a certain bunny during the night. Well that bunny did come, he did his hiding tricks and there were two ecstatic girls this morning scrambling about high and low in search of -

- playful bunnies and the like. And then they entertained themselves posing their chocolate hoards. With instructions for me to take photos. Because they like the fact that I blog. And they love the fact that they appear in the blog. And now they think that if they can create the perfect photo ops than they will be on the blog more. Ha! They outwitted themselves this time as the bunnies made the grade, not them.

As I said yesterday, it would be a day in the kitchen, and it was. No recipes to pass on this time but I wanted to show you this -

It is a little flan dish with a recipe for Lemon Meringue Pie printed on it. I got that dish from my late-step-grandmother many years ago when she no longer felt she had a use for it. The recipe on it is a good one. The reason I have photographed the dish by the measuring tape is this - the pie dish is 7" across. The recipe on it is for an 11" pie. Huh?!? What were they thinking?

Now here is a totally gratuitous shot of the Lemon Meringue Pie that resulted from this recipe. I am only putting it on today's blog because my brother loves Lemon Meringue Pie and I am a little sister and this is just the sort of thing we do to older brothers when they live several hundred miles away. So, Andrew, check this out -

I will refrain from mentioning that my lemon filling failed to set properly and that though the pie tasted excellent it looked like it had been hit by a two ton truck in its presentation.

Somehow, I managed to cut the apron strings and get out the kitchen long enough to have a little play at FMQ (free motion quilting) on my mini blue quilt. I decided on looping hearts which is really a lot more twee than I would usually go for but just seemed to be what my mind was set on today. I have never done them before so it might just be that I wanted to experiment. Whatever the reason, it is done and I have no intention of torturing myself by picking it all out again so this is it.

A bit wobbly in a few places, but overall not too bad. Now the binding is cut, sewn together and ironed but needs to be attached to the quilt. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday when the girls are back in school.

I'm knackered. But it was a nice day with the In-Laws who are nice people. Hope your Easter was good too.



  1. well done on the FMQ, its something I keep wanting to try. I spent all day in the garden doing it the old fashioned way with hand quilting-got to be quicker on the machine!

  2. You are one mean sister putting a picture of a freshly baked lemon meringue pie on your blog AND then teasing me about it. You're obviously still hurting over the "teddy bear incident" of 1968 (plus or minus a year or two). Get over it already.

    Big Bro :-)

  3. Love the FMQ...your hearts are fab! A perfect compliment to the quilt.


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