Sunday 17 April 2011

Acting Out of Character

Unusual (and not the norm from himself) snoring = Sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep = Mind boggling behaviour

I know this because my sleep deprived brain has turned to mush. In this altered state I sat and watched an entire F1 race while I started joining up my granny squares by crocheting them together as you go. I watched the entire race with interest. I enjoyed it. I even told him I enjoyed it! I may never live this down.

I need more sleep!

I could do some work on my two inch squares right now but afraid that me and a rotary cutter might equal missing fingers shortly thereafter.

I think I will play endless games of Sudoku on the computer until I fall asleep at the keyboard and leave the impression of the enter key in my right cheek forever more.


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  1. Hi, I just popped over from Brit Quilt ;o)
    I missed the race this morning as I was at the car boot sale hunting for fabric goodies! I have my signed Jenson Button photo above my sewing table though... drool...


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