Saturday 9 April 2011

Signs of Summer

Now I am aware the fact that we are having unseasonably wonderful weather and that this is not summer, but it feels like it and we have to take the good stuff when we get it. Around here there are some sure fire signs of summer.

The kids on their bikes -

The lawn getting cut - by himself, not myself. I don't do lawn mowers. Not very politically correct of me and there is a story behind it but that is the way it is -

Me sitting on the back step turning my feet from winter feet to summer feet -

Please forgive the sandal strap marks and the incredible pasty white skin - but in our house you know when the weather is improving because naked feet mean non-naked toes.

Before I go back outside I have to tell you what happened on Thursday when I went to pick the girls up from school. I was stood in the playground having a chat with friends when Emily burst out of her classroom and shouted across to me, 'Mum, our family is gifted!' with as much drama as she could inject into that simple sentence. Yes, I am pleased to announce (as was Emily) that both Helen and Emily got first place in their respective classrooms for the egg decorating contest. In case we don't have enough chocolate in this house from the Monday Egg Hunt we now have two more large chocolate rabbits added to the booty. I am encouraging them to share as much as possible with Chloe (and me).


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  1. Yes you do have pretty feet that I would love to kiss for a couple of hours.


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