Friday 29 April 2011

Quick Summary

I think that this must be a living hell time of year for hay fever sufferers. I see the beauty everywhere around me but I really feel for those sensitive to pollen. If you do suffer from hay fever you might want to look away from these shots because I went back to the bluebell woods, with my mother this time. As it was a week day we practically had them to ourselves. The beauty was stunning and I saw the flowers this time, not my children.

The drive through the back roads was gorgeous in its own right. Not just because I love the timelessness of these Northamptonshire villages, but because I love the way the rape seed fields look when they are in their full neon glory.

When my mother returned to the UK approaching thirty years ago she brought her Canadian recipes with her. Soon after she made some daft decision that Canadian baking recipes didn't work over here and chucked the lot out. (What?!?) Luckily for me I had copied some of those recipes down in my late teens and still possess them today. Lucky for her I agreed to give her a trip down memory lane and make double decker brownies. These are chocolate brownies with coconut splodges on them.

As they cook the coconut sinks in and gives you a two flavour brownie. Scrumptious!

Recipe on request!
Because we awoke today to watch the 'wedding' Helen promptly decided that we needed 'wedding cakes'. Oblivious of my newly made treats and with a sweet tooth that would scare the pants off many a dentist she produced once again - thankfully waiting until after I was awake this time.

So we ate the wedding cakes (not all!) and watched the wedding. (Not John!) Helen thought the bride was suitably beautiful. Emily wanted to know why the vicar - I didn't get into the church hierarchy bit with her - didn't say 'You may kiss the bride'. She returned for the balcony scene and then asked if they would have a full snog and was very disappointed at the chaste offerings that she witnessed.

Do you think I am very afraid of her teenage years? Oh yes indeed!!



  1. Thanks for the pic of the bluebell woods, its a sight I've not seen in years. And I hereby request the recipe for double decker brownies! Please ;-)

  2. Yes - do share the recipe...they look yummy.

  3. You're household sounds just like ours! We made cakes too and had them with tea during the service. :o) AND my dd2 (age 8) kept waiting for him to say "you can kiss the bride"...she was mighty upset when she realized we had to have lunch and wait until they appeared on the balcony before she would see the kiss!! LOL


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