Friday 15 April 2011

Sugar High

Ever so slowly we are coming down off a sugar high here in this household because yesterday we went to -

I am not sure if this post needs any further explanation other than to say that the kids had a great time. Okay, so did I after I got over the shock of paying the entrance fee. We got an education  in chocolate and I got educated on how much chocolate I could eat before I said enough already.

First there was a warm and gooey melted chocolate concoction served over the topping over your choice. I went for rice krispies but the kids all went for marshmallows. My friend, Jane, had popcorn. And that was the start of the chocolate consumption.

When we went into the tour part of the visit, they gave us more -

And we wandered around, and eventually got more chocolate. (Dairy Milk this time, in case you are interested.) And there was more warm chocolate - but I have to say I had slipped quietly over to the other side at this point and did not want to even approach the man giving out the samples in case he inadvertently thought I wanted one. Uh-uh, no way, not a chance by this point - and may I point out that I didn't eat any of the chocolate bars handed out. I think I was just consuming my sugar vicariously through the children and that was enough to make me feel nauseous by this point.

Though I did have a moment of envy for whoever receives this for Easter -

Mind you, I have now proven that my capacity for chocolate is not limitless after all and am strangely disappointed in myself. Who knew?!

I have various other less than stellar photos shot for the hip in the areas that had signs up reading 'No photography'. I would show them if they weren't so fantastically boring. You get no sense of chocolate production in them at all. So we shall skip the boring bits and move on. We had a great day out. I topped off a day of sugar with the culinary excellence of chicken dippers and oven chips. Uggh! Not for me but the girls. As they survive on home cooking most of the time, this was just an amazing way to finish a first class day. Funny how the appeal of crap frozen food grows the more you deny them it!

And now, before I go, I have to ask if I am the only person who ever thinks that if there is a fool born every moment if I took up a good half hour's worth of fools and rolled them into one person - me?

I sat here the other night, up past my bedtime, monitoring eBay eagerly watching a job lot of yarn I wanted coming up to the final minutes. I was going to time my bid perfectly so that it would be mine all mine. I sat here, bug eyed and sleepy, and when there was less than two minutes to go my finger was poised over the bid button. Then I realised that I wasn't signed in. Argghhh! Next I raised the stupidity stakes because I promptly forgot my password. It didn't take me long to sort myself out. But it did take me longer than it did for the bidding to close on the yarn. I hope whoever had the winning bid enjoys it!! They deserve it because they are obviously much more switched on than me.


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