Wednesday 27 April 2011


A few thoughts that have been flitting through my head.

I am cleaning my house because my mother is coming. My mother has never criticised my housekeeping. So why do I feel that I have to have it in better than its natural state before she arrives? My mum is coming to see us, not give the house the white glove treatment. Good thing too because I think that dusting is evil. Laundry? No probs. Cooking? Generally love it. Clean loos? Nice. Even hoovering can be accomplished without too much problem. But dusting! Why?! It just comes back right away. Sort of like cobwebs.

I had a different sort of clear out the other night. Not of my house but of the bloggy part of my computer. I only started reading blogs over the last Christmas holidays. Before I knew about Google Reader I popped every other blog I came across into my favourites. There were a lot there. I mean a lot! So I went back through them one by one, and looked not only at the current posts but at past posts too and then decided whether I would continue to read them on a regular basis. I had to be a bit brutal because as much as I love the fact that people are reading my blog, and I have a great time reading other people's, there are only so many hours in the day and at some point you have to decide that life is more important that the computer, no matter how compelling it is.

So I switched to being a follower of the blogs I wanted to continue reading and deleted the rest ruthlessly. Most of them were excellent blogs but over the past few months I have learned a lot about myself and blogs. I have learned which ones I prefer to read and which ones give me more enjoyment. I have also learned about myself.

I am not even sure what compelled me to start writing this blog. Curiosity? Wanting a new challenge? I can't remember. What I have learned is that I love doing it. I like this online diary that I am keeping. If no one was reading it I would still be writing it because I look back over the posts that I have done and I am seeing that I have created records of good memories, some of them quite small which might have fallen through the cracks in my mind. I am glad I have entered this unique world and I am glad that I am sharing it with others.

Which brings us to the type of blogs I most enjoy. It is the blogs that are written by the people who are becoming my online bloggy friends. I have no one around where I live to share my love of making things. In these new friends I am finding people who share my enthusiasm, and equally, I am learning about them through their blogs.

And through this process of writing a blog I have become a happier person. More content to be home and making the things I love. I do not need to be anyone but who I am, pure and simple. And because I blog I have become more productive because, let me tell  you, if I don't make anything then I only have myself to talk about and that would bore me as much as it would bore you.

I am not sure if today's post has a purpose. Just things I have been thinking about. And I am avoiding getting on with the cleaning so I am going to give myself a mental slap and get on with it. Thank you to my new friends for helping open up a new world to me. I am not alone. There are tons of us nerdy, make stuff type of people out there - it is just now that we are coming out of the wood work and owning up to it. Watch out world!

Now I must go clean the shower. And a final thought. It has to be a man who invented shower cubicles that can only be cleaned properly if you get inside naked and get on with it. Why!? Can we not be left with a thread of dignity? Obviously not, but at least there is no one home to witness this.



  1. I so agree with what you have said Susan..I have to do a cull of some of my blogs as when I first started out I listed many of the big popular blogs and actually what are now catching my eye are smaller less well known blogs which resonate more with me. Unlike you I am very unproductive at the moment but I`m hoping that will change now and I`ll have more to share. Sounds like you are having a clearout online and off - my mum is coming next week too which I`m really looking forward to.

  2. Great post and one that I can identify with! My Mom is visiting for 2 weeks in May and I know any day now the urge to clean for the "Queen's" visit will hit. It's not that she's house proud or anything...I think it's just my way of making her feel comfortable.

    I must admit I have too many blogs in my reader too. Every so often I have a big clear out and then it slowly creeps up. I find using the Trends feature in the Google Reader helpful as it can show you which blogs are posting tends to be those that take up the most time to read.

  3. Great post! I too tend to treat my blog as an online diary and a kick up the arse to get on with things! Of course it is ever so nice to know people read it. Enjoy your time with your mum, you're quite right, I'm sure the last thing she'll be interested in is the odd cobweb!

  4. Good for you. I have been back-reading all the blogs in my reader that I missed over the Easter weekend, I've been going for an hour and I'm only on wednesday! This can't be right, there'll be no time for sewing! I think I need to take a leaf out of your book....

  5. I can relate to EVERYTHING that you have said in this post!

  6. At Last.
    At last i discover that i am not the only mad person to clean my shower whilst naked & within it.
    Phew. Such a relief. :-)

  7. I can totally relate to this cleaning process but I usually did the shower at the end of the day of work and needed a shower anyway. When my dear husband retired he offered to take on this chore. Armed with an assortment of car cleaning brushes he did a great job but the four foot sticks they were mounted on managed to knock off everything sitting on the sink and the adjoining cabinet while I laughed and chased everything rolling around on the floor. I managed to dodge the backside of the stick and no black eyes were suffered in the process.
    I have just started reading your delightful blog from the beginning. It reminds me of when my tribe were all still at home. I miss those days.


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