Tuesday 12 April 2011

I'm Having a Think

I have been mulling over several projects today.

I finished the second Sherbet Pips quilt top a little while ago and I keep looking at it and trying to decide what to do about the backing. After a lot of hmmm-ing and ha-ing I have come to the conclusion that no matter how I look at it there isn't enough of the solid grey or the spotty red to form a backing - even if I sewed them together. I could piece a backing but there aren't enough big bits of fabric left to make it look like a backing - more like a whole new quilt top.

So I need to buy more fabric. That led to me deciding that being silly, and coy, and not showing you more of the quilt top is all a bit off of me because I'm really not a coy sort of person. (More the foot in mouth type of person half the time.) So here is a look at how I eventually did the blocks. I had trouble with this quilt top. It didn't come together the way I originally tried so there has been a lot of stitch picking and bitching going on over it. I can have a good old bitch all by myself. I don't need an audience.

Because I had to try several incarnations before I came to this result I would welcome any feedback on what you think of the end product -

I have started to play with my Chilean yarn. It is wonderful. Very soft and easy to crochet. It doesn't split - which after using the bamboo and soya yarns for the last couple of projects is a nice revelation - and I would happily part with more money to buy more of this. Which I may have to because I think the soft brown I have won't work with these grannie squares I am doing. I am just at the beginning of the project though so plenty of time to get more yarn in.

I am still moving my two inch squares around and about trying to decide where to go with them next in my mental design process. Nothing to report there.

And then, today, I started looking at my Sherbet Pips again. I have an idea and it involves lots of pinwheels. I don't usually do triangles/pinwheels - because all those points that go wrong so easily can frustrate me. And I like modern, blocky sorts of quilts so that is what I tend to make. But the picture in my mind won't go away so I did one pinwheel as a test, to see how I felt about it. I didn't have to take out stitches, and I didn't cry in frustration, so I guess that was a success. How will I feel after another 19 or so?

I'm making pastry right now. Me and pastry are a bit like me and pinwheels. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. I think that this meat and potato pie is going to resemble a patchwork quilt itself by the time I am finished with it. Hopefully it will taste better than it looks. Right, back to the rolling pin to beat it into submission.


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