Thursday 21 April 2011

Rise and Shine; The Day Has Begun

Did you awaken this morning to sun streaming in through the gab in the curtains, listening to happy little song birds warble? No! Neither did I.

No, I awoke to this - 'Mum, we don't have any vanilla left.'


It was 7:03am and Helen had a cake just about ready to go in the oven but we didn't have any vanilla. What the **** did she want me to do about it? She may have started my day but I almost ended hers!

Needless to say, we have a cake. A very nice cake. I did point out - once I had achieved human form again - that we also had raisin buns left and that I had made a whopping big banana cake yesterday. Guess we will be surviving on sugar for a while. Just what my svelte body needs!

But, the cake is nice -

The girls have a friend around to play again today. This was the reason that Helen wanted to make a cake. Fair enough. I shall make sure that their friend takes some home with her as well. I am sure her little sister would like to partake. While the three girls were eating their lunch mine told their friend about some information I had armed them with. They quickly hatched a plan.

It all started with this -

Which I got Helen for Christmas. Both of the girls love it and use it a lot - though Helen gets a little wound up when Emily uses up the proper origami paper. They are getting really good and can turn out stuff like this -

Shortly after Christmas I was flipping through the book with Helen when I came to this page -

- and I said (I think my big brother can see what is coming here), 'That's what Uncle Andrew used to make water bombs out of!'

Today they started a factory in the sitting room -

And then proceeded directly to outside. Let the games commence!

You will notice they rapidly used up their supply of 'bombs' and went for the more direct approach - throwing full cups of water and water from bottles - with liberal use of the outside tap to keep themselves topped up. My only iffy moment with it all was when they managed to get a direct hit on my just about, nearly there, almost dry bed linen.

But I thought what would I rather have? Children who remember growing up and having water fights and wet laundry? Or children who remember having a wet blanket for a mother who never let them have any fun? Wet laundry won hands down. It is still sunny and there are two or three more hours that lots of evaporating can happen in.

And we still have this to look forward to tonight -

Just about enough left in that bag for the first barbeque of the season. Oh bring it on! I am already excited. The coleslaw is made and so is the potato salad. All we need is himself to return from his working week for a four day weekend and the coals are lit! Of course I left the bag of coals in the garage because I would have cried if they got that full of water. I can almost smell those German sausages sizzling. Mmmm!

Finally, I am pleased to announce that the crochet is done. Bigger than I expected for the minimal supply of yarn used. It measures about 42" square. I like the finish I managed to achieve and am happy with the finished result. Does that mean I can go back online and order more yarn? Please say yes!

Okay, I lied, that last bit wasn't the final bit, this is. I am going to go play with leftover 2" blue squares looking for inspiration for Jane at Sew Create It  because she is the only blogger to put her name down for my Pay It Forward. Please follow the link if you missed that post. I would be more than happy to have two more takers. But meanwhile I am trying to formulate plan for Jane's pressie.



  1. oooh I got mentioned :o)

    Hasn't the weather been fab...better than some summers! I'm with your on the whole wet laundry/wet need to have fun fun fun when it's gorgeous like this!

  2. the water bombs look like brilliant fun we'll have to have a go at making some.

    loving the crochet, I just made my first granny square today :)

    I've put my name down on your original Pay it Forward post, I'd love to join in.

  3. One person who's unhappy he missed out on the water bomb fight! Grrr.

    Enjoy your BBQ.

    Uncle Andrew

  4. I'm still going to report you for neglect. No vanilla in the house? C'mon!


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