Tuesday 26 April 2011

One of Those Special 'Girl' Moments

We've all had them. You know, those moments when you know the person talking to you is thinking, 'She's just a girl.' I had one today. I am not in a bad humour about it - mostly because the person who did this to me is also helping me out in a very good natured and most needed way. So I can humour him for being a boy.

It starts with that car. You know, the one I hate. The one that John took to driving again due to my caustic comments (plus he likes it). Well that car has another problem. This time with the lift pump. John diagnosed it easily enough - for him. Don't ask me for details. I am just very intelligent at taking notes so that I know what to say to the garage when himself is back away for the week in my Freelander.

So I dutifully got on to our regular garage this morning - and they are chockablock with other people's cars who also seem to be having problems. Who knew?! I thought it was just us. So I tried the near by Landrover specialist. Nope, his mechanics have the week off. So I tried a garage here in the village and they have come through for me, thank goodness.

So here is the girlie moment I was referring to at the beginning of all this waffling. I told them on the phone it was the lift pump. And when they drove over here to get the car - I wasn't sure it was drivable - I told them it was the lift pump again. And when I opened the bonnet of the car I pointed right at the lift pump (having been trained by him who knows more about cars than I do) and said, again, that it was that - the lift pump. Then I started the car so that they could see the lift pump spurting fuel this way and that and the very nice mechanic guy said - wait for it...

... 'Oh, it's the lift pump. Well that's easy enough to fix. I was worried it was something serious.'

And he took my car away and  I just took a phone call informing me that the vehicle is repaired. So I don't care what that man did or didn't think I knew - he fixed the car and I will be able to pick my mother up from the train station tomorrow and life is back on track so all is okay. Phew! Thank goodness for that.

Meanwhile, I have been sewing binding on and piercing my finger repeatedly with the back end of the needle. The thimble does not want to fit on that finger anymore and I am  not sure why. Quite sure that that particular finger has not had any drastic weight loss in its tip. Shall have to get several more in different sizes for different days.

And my evenings have a new project. I bought this Debbie Bliss Prima, which is 80% bamboo and 20% merino at the same time as when I purchased that hand dyed Chilean yarn.

And I have decided to try a new granny square pattern. I didn't have instructions in my crochet book so I looked at some different projects online and then had a play, pulled out the first few attempts and eventually came up with this - which is the first four squares joined together to see how they looked together.

I'm liking the chocolate brown with the little flowers. Something a little different from what I have been doing. Maybe I will even have enough yarn to finish the project to my plans for once - though this will be a small one so it will be easier to meet my demands.

The temperature dropped today which seems so fitting after having had such nice weather every day of the holidays. I can live with it. Took some work to convince the girls that they should and would require a jacket today though.



  1. How strange...my car was at the shop today too. Just returned from picking it up and as you say all is well with the world :o) Nice to get it back and fixed! :o)

    Both my girls got dressed in summer-wear this morning and have since returned to long trousers and long tops this afternoon...can't complain as the Easter break has been sensational!

  2. I think your crocheting is fantastic - it is something that I have never tried, but always wanted to have a go. The colours are lovely too

  3. I love playing 'dumb-blonde' and then blowing blokes out of the water with a lot of the obscure man-stuff I know more about than my hubby!

  4. Those granny squares look good enough to eat!
    I love the colour combination.


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