Friday 1 April 2011

Productive Day

I would like to announce that I have been a good girl today. Yup! Me! Because not only did I do lots of sewing but - brace yourselves now - I did housework too. Really! Quite a lot of it too. And I got on with it and didn't moan at all - mostly because there was no one here to moan at. But I did it so all my sewing time was guilt free.

So now a quick catch up on what I have been up to. Because there are two girls who just informed me that it is Brownies tonight and they need an early dinner. Have I done anything regarding that other than defrost the chicken thighs. Nope! So I am typing as fast as I can here and hoping that the errors are not too obvious. Singapore Noodles need creating - soon.

Last night I finished the two crocheted baby blankets. First this one...

... which you will probably instantly have gathered is the one that I am not too keen on. Maybe purple and green (in those shades) is just not my thing. The yarn was on sale and only in those colours so I got sucked in to that good deal thing that I can't resist. It is made using a soya/cotton blend and is very soft. Lovely and warm. I don't know. I just look at it and go eeuuuuww! Sometimes the things I make just don't rock my boat. This comes under that category. Enough said.

On the other hand, I love this one -

For me this is everything the other one isn't. I think subtle might be the word that is required here. Muted colours, super soft bamboo. My redone zigzags look great (to me) and for the finishing touch I put a row of crochet all around the edge - in the brown on the zigzag ends and in natural on the sides. I think it makes for a nice finishing touch.

I wish I started all this crafting stuff before my children were born and then they would have some nice little baby heirlooms. God knows when I will ever finish hand quilting their quilts. Hopefully before they hit adulthood.

Singapore noodles anyone?

Now you may think that I have been writing this and forgot all about feeding my poor starving waifs. But since I am such a roll of efficiency today I have actually made it while I downloaded the photos. I chopped the veg and went back and forth between computer and cutting board until the kitchen demanded my undivided attention. Then a browned the shredded chicken thighs with some garlic. Took those out the wok and put in half a sliced onion with some medium curry powder and a teaspoon of turmeric. Cooked that for a minute and added all the veg -

Cooked those to a perfect crunchy goodness, with a dash of water added along with a little sugar (honestly) and salt. Put the chicken back in and added a pack of rice noodles -

Stir fried it all together. Dashed in some soya sauce and served it to my two critters.

Job done!

Now it is just about time to go to Brownies. John is walking to the village which is about four miles away and when he is close he will ring me and I will go meet him at the pub. What a great end to a great day.

So just before I sign off a quick peek at my quilt top which I have been working on so diligently today. It is not a very good picture intentionally. I won't show you the whole thing now until I have it all together. Because I am like that!

Have a great weekend.



  1. wow, how do you fit everything in to one day?! I love your baby blankets. I think we started blogging at a similar time, but your blogs are way more informative than mine....its fab!

  2. I love your baby blankets too and I love the green and purple one! I also love Singapore noodles and hope they went down well. Look forward to seeing how your quilt progresses!

  3. Your crochet blankets are gorgeous. Might have a go at those noodles some night too!


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