Sunday 10 April 2011

Fussy Cuts is Finished

I finished sewing the binding on the back of my fussy cuts quilt last night. I am very pleased with this completed quilt. I like the way the colours go together. It is not an original colour combination as blues, reds and pinks seem to have been in quilting fashion for a while now. That is probably because they work so well together.

Here are some photos of the completed quilt -

It measures about 42" square

There is a helpful child behind there

The helpful child - close up

Close up of blocks

Border detail - this was the 'idea' I had a few weeks ago that made me so happy.

I like the way adding the fussy cuts into the outer border adds a little something extra to the quilt

Third border fussy cut. Not going to show you a close up of the mushrooms at the top of the quilt.
And that is that, finished, complete, time to get on with piecing a backing for the second Sherbet Pips quilt. And playing with those two inch squares that I cut the other day out of the scraps from this quilt.

I am doing a completely different post for today and what is going on because it has been a busy old day and it isn't even noon yet. I shall post that later on in the day.


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