Tuesday 19 April 2011

Communing With Nature

I've been communing with nature. Oh yeah, indeed! I have been having a full blown conversation and most of it is unprintable. I know that it isn't correct to admit this - but I hate gardening. Now there may be a good reason for this. Namely that I live in rental accomodation and therefore always have crap gardens. I swear (a lot!) that they spray the whole thing with useless weed killer just before you move in and then you have to sign those papers that say 'weeds minimal' or some such thing. Next thing you know weeds are everywhere and spreading - well - spreading like weeds. (Insert more swearing.)

So, me and my two most trusted gardening tools -

- got down to business today, with a vengeance -

To the observer there is not much difference in the garden's appearance - this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak - but I think I've earned myself a nice big glass of chilled pink tonight - haven't I?

It isn't plants I hate, just the gardening in a weed infested mess that winds me up. Newly growing things fill me with joy. My wee little tomato plants are flourishing -

And I am thrilled that my stargazer lilies are coming up once again. This pot of lilies was given to me by my mum when the girls were tiny and it travels with us from house to  house, has only had new soil added to it once, and still, year after year it produces a stunning array of flowers that smell gorgeous. Who could hate a plant like that?

Despite the rant at the weeds, today has been a great day. It started nicely, with Helen tucking herself in for a lovely cuddle. (I am going to hate, hate, hate it when they grow out of that.) Both girls woke up feeling full of health again and all germs once again bannished. Next my lovely eldest went downstairs and made a batch of raisin buns for us for breakfast. Buy a child a meal and she will eat for a day. Teach a child to cook and you have it made for life!!

Once we were up and running, fueled on raisin buns and full of the delights of yet another glorious day - we went into town. We girls needed new - stuff. (I can't tell you what because Helen would die of mortification.) Banbury is a lovely town to shop in. The council has done a great job of making the town centre pedestrian friendly, attractive and a nice place to be.

We had a little wander down the canel to see if we could spot 'Alice' a narrowboat headed our way with one of the Brit Quilters on it. We saw Peggy, and Matilda, and Judy and many, many more but no Alice.

I love that you only have to wander five minutes along the canal path and you lose the sense that you are in the middle of a good sized town.

Our shopping expedition was a success because we got what we needed and more besides. I have learned that when you are in a good mood in M&S with your daughters, it is not always wise to let them choose the 'four pairs for a fiver' knickers for you. I shall spend the summer worrying that red cherries are showing through the fabric of my clothes. Joy!



  1. Sounds great; I can't wait for my girls, or son for that matter, to be trusted with more than a butter knife in the kitchen!

  2. Haha, I love it, we were at Foxton yesterday with our eyes peeled for "Alice" too!

  3. I'm chuckling at the thought of your summer cherry knickers - throw caution to the wind and enjoy! (Still giggling.)

  4. We've lived in rented accomodation quite often in our 30 years together, and I know what you mean about the gardens. I love gardening, but it's soul destroying when it's not yours. Pots were always my solution - loads of them full of anything and everthing. Oh and a strimmer!


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