Wednesday 20 April 2011

Almost Done

Almost done my blue 2" square quilt. All I need to do is have a dig around my fabric stash and see if there is anything appropriate for the backing in that black hole that is my fabric storage. If not, it will have to wait until the girls are back in school and I can get to the quilt shop. I kind of avoid going there with them becuase they love it there. Make sense. Yup! You got it. They always come out with more fabric than I do and I end up sulking and acting younger than they are. Not a pretty picture.

The finished quilt top is about 33" square which is a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be when it was in progress.

I managed the increased size by layer border on border. But I think it works fairly well.

I am not sure if that blue wonky star above is my favourite block, or this...

... or this...?

I just kind of like this quilt. Little but nice. And I am not trying to blow my own horn here because if you have read me before you know that I come right out and say when I don't like something I made!

And work progresses on the crochet border. Should see the end of that in the next day or two and then I can see what I can do with three skeins of unused brown yarn. Hmmmm?

It has been a gorgeous day again and the kids have been outside all day. Lots of friends over so all the better for the games. In fact so much fun has been had that dinner is late and they are starving. Got to go do my duties. Hope the sun is shining in your area of the world too.



  1. Sunny sunny sunny - lovely mini quilt - that Bliss border is gorgeous!

  2. Sunny here too...a very cute quilt and the shot is improved by the addition of your pedi!

  3. Love the quilt Susan! I'm really into wonky star blocks at the moment... must make some :-)

  4. Love, love, love your 2" square quilt - how fab!

  5. What a sweet quilt and the fabrics are delicious!! Any ideas on how you are going to quilt it?

  6. Such a sweet little quilt! Have to say I do admire that you can do so much with tiny pieces, such patience! And I love the colour of the crochet blankie :-)

  7. Love the Wonky Star block. Love the quilt.
    Love the green and purple colour combo. (Crochet is my next favourite craft, after quilting of course!)


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