Thursday 10 November 2011

Pillow Fights Aren't as Fun on Your Own

I've been pillow cushion fighting today. Needless to say there was some ripping out of stitches. You know that feeling, when the backing is all attached, with an extra row of zigzag stitched to keep all the layers tidy inside. And you turn it the right way round only to be looking at the insides, not the outsides. And you are just so happy that you did extra back stitches across where the envelope back pieces joined for added strength, and wasn't that a joy to pull apart! I do learn from my mistakes sometimes, because I certainly did not repeat that one!

I would love to show you a lovely stack of cushy, squishy cushions,
but so far my next day delivery has not appeared.
A bit worried about that as it is almost 5pm.
Hard to sell empty cushions!
I did hand stitching on a number of these.
There are some ultra girlie ones.
Like these two.
And some ultra boy ones.
I love those retro fire engines.
I also love the fire hose fabric I used for the backs of the 'boy' cushions.
I hate this one.
It's the quilting.
I am not used to machine quilting on this fusible fleece.
It is too defined for my taste.
This was the reason I switched to hand stitching some of the others.
I also finished off some more of the bunting, having bought some more ribbon yesterday. Unfortunately the shop ran out of the red gingham ribbon I wanted so I have some triangles sat lonely, detached and they will not be attending the sale. I do have enough gold ribbon to make a couple more of the glittery gold bunting, if I have the time before Sunday.

I am starting to feel that I might have enough stuff made to make my table look suitably well stocked. I spoke to a friend today and she is going to lend me a wooden freestanding towel rail so that I can display some small quilts. I do not expect to sell any but thought that it would be good to have them there on the off chance.

Right, try as I might, I cannot avoid having to produce meals for the other occupants of this house. I've tried but they are getting close to rebellion. Hmmff!



  1. I hosestly have lost count the number of times that I've done that with a cushion cover! I've been known to cut the whole outer edge off because I couldn't face unpicking! Your cushions look great! I bet they sell like hot cakes :)

  2. Your cushions look absolutely fab, they will be a big hit I have no doubt :-) LOVE the 2nd one, your handstitching is great.

  3. Are you doing a flyer with your details for future commissions ...? Just thought I'd ask as there will be people out there wanting more!

  4. You have been so productive - the cushion with the defined quilting will be the first you sell - guaranteed and always the way. BTW, it`s always the seam you have backstitched, which will need unpicking and I have a killer seam ripper which is way too effective and will rip its way through fabric if it can rather than just seams. Your Christmas Fair sounds fun - I hope you sell lots. Sure of it.

  5. Nicky is'll be getting lots of orders for these once they sell out! Print off some of your photos to display - thst way the late comers will know what they missed! Love the firemen fabrics!

  6. I really hope you do well on Sunday - you certainly deserve to after all this work! Will be thinking of you!

  7. I just spluttered coffee everywhere reading the beginning of your post! I too love to rip the strengthened seams :)
    Your cushions look fabulous - good luck with the sale.

  8. wowzers, you have been busy! The stall is going to look fab :)

  9. I've done that with cushions too, and its ALWAYS when you feel that you've done a good job tidying the edges, zigzaging the seams, reinforcing the envelope edges a few times....
    Great looking stack though, getting quite excited for you :-) hope the inners arrive in time! x

  10. Wow these look amazing, hope it all goes well for you

  11. OMG! First Hadders and now you on the super productive highlway! You'll be just fine! and Nicky is right, get yourself some flyers or something :) (keeping my fingers crossed for some cushy mail!)

  12. Great job hun! Fingers crossed those forms have turned up for you!
    And I'm with nicky and Susan- make sure you print off some flyers. And good luck!! You deserve a win!

  13. Well the deflated covers look fab, and none the worse for any ordeals they may have been through. Hope your delivery arrives pronto!

  14. make sure you take a photo of your stall BEFORE the hordes arrive - and then one at the end of the day ;>


  15. Your stall is going to look amazing with those cushions on them. Great idea to put some quilts out - you might be surprised what people will want to buy. Remember to take a photo of your stall! Can't wait to see it - I'm getting really excited & I'm not even doing it (sad I know!) Jxo

  16. Love the cushion covers and I can't wait to see what your stall looks like at the beginning and end of the day - hope you sell EVERYTHING (except one or two felt ornaments that you'll allow me to buy!!)

  17. Don't forget to keep me some snowflakes!

    I am completely convinced that your stall will be a rip roaring success. Have you made some little business cards to hand out? You should !

    I love every single one of those cushions. Did the cushion guts arrive in time????

  18. Love all of your pillows Susan!


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