Monday 9 April 2012

'Up North' - Part Two

While going 'up north' might be a regular habit for us, others might underestimate the charms of this area. I love it there - other than when the weather is totally crap, but that statement covers just about anywhere in that regard.

Years ago, pre husband and children, I lived in Tynemouth for a while. It is one of my favourite places. And in the past few years it has gone remarkably upmarket. I don't think I could afford it now! Besides the weekend market in the Metro station there is the joys of Longsands Beach, the Priory, lovely shops and cafes, and great walking along the coast.

And if your children are the unforgiving sort, then you also get one hell of a good workout while you are there.

There is an easier more direct route than the one they made me take!
But as a reward for all those stairs there is Crusoe's on Longsands, which is one of my favourite cafes. Not only is it set right on the beach (not above, or beside, or looking down upon)...

... but they do killer hot chocolates and bacon sandwiches as well.

If you ever find yourself up in the Northumberland area there are other less obvious places that might appeal. Most wouldn't think Blyth was one of them. Just a ten minute drive up the coast from my mum's, there are a number of things that make this a great place to spend a little time.

A long stretch of sand looking towards St Mary's Lighthouse.
(We will ignore the view to the other side of lots of wind turbines.)
Modern beach huts.
Absolutely amazing fish and chips.
(And huge the day we went. HUGE!)
If you have enough room after the fish and chips,
there is an Italian ice cream parlour attached.
I didn't have room but these two did.
And the playground built into the hollows of the sand dunes
is sheltered and good fun too!
I think that is enough about our sojourn in the north. Today the Easter bunny came to our house having obligingly delayed his arrival by 24 hours. I have a massive ham about to be finished in the oven with all sorts of good stuff to go with it. I think I had better scurry back to the kitchen before it all goes wrong. I will leave the last word to Emily.



  1. Looks like a wonderful holiday! Am selfishly glad you're back though. Missed ya :)
    I love Edinburgh & the North England/South Scotland. That's where Neil & I took our first holiday together many many moons (11 years) ago. One day I'll go back :)

  2. I am so glad you had such a nice holiday. It sounds like it was delicious

  3. Hot choccy looks good... stairs do not... beach looks lovely tho :-) Am currently giving your samosas another round, this time with an added chilli :-S

  4. Oh my - fish and chips. I hope you had some for me?

  5. Thanks Susan - but now you've given us the tour we don't really need to - do we?

  6. Well I love the beach in the winter and really love English beaches in the winter so I`m very envious. Great to have a trip down memory lane.

  7. Think those beach huts should be transformed into a quilt.

  8. thanks for taking us with you xx

  9. Oh I love Tynemouth!
    And I love wind turbines, but not in my backyard!

  10. Love the look of those beaches. Can't believe you didn't think the kids would have room for ice cream though, kids ALWAYS have room for ice cream ;o)

  11. Love the photos - they made me feel homesick for all my old haunts although I have to confess I've never been to Crusoes. When my sea-deprived Swiss children got taken to Long Sands when they were little, even if it was February they would just rip all their clothes off an fling themselves in the sea! people thought we were bonkers - and probably that I was a dreadful mother!!

  12. Good to see you are getting some exercise in, between the fish & chips, hot chocolate and ice cream....ah the joy of holidays! What fun!

  13. Sounds like a great time, lovely views and great food!

  14. I have done lots of 'up north' and lived in the north west for quite a few years too, but to my shame I have near been to the north east: something I must rectify

  15. I love that image of the beach huts. So pretty!


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