Thursday 12 April 2012

Football Anyone?

As you most likely know already, I am part of the Brit Bee. A fabulous group of women whom I have become firm friends with over the past year. Scarily Miss April - Jo (A Life in Lists) -  was trusting us with her precious hoard of Far Far Away II. Okay, it is heart palpitatingly nerve wracking to cut my own Heather Ross stash, but to be trusted with this. Is she nuts!?!

Our mission for April was circles. Circles of any kind. Big ones, little ones, flying geese ones, whatever we liked. Cool, but the only experience I had with circles were the drunkard's path blocks. And with unerring ability it never crossed my mind that I could do them for this block. Why?!

No, instead I turned to another of my Go! Baby cutting mats and thought hexies would be a good idea. Why not, they are round(ish).

I cut my paper with the Go!
Not sure if you are supposed to be able to cut paper with it,
but I did.

And taking a deep breath I cut the fabric.
It was now butchered and there was no going back.

Used those big tacking stitches to get the fabric and paper as one.
(This is what you are supposed to do I think.
I didn't go and read any instructions or anything sensible like that.)

Sorted my lay out,
and sewed those suckers together.

Jo had included some coordinating fabrics.
I used these as the infill pieces to round out my block.

And then I found the biggest lid I owned to mark out the circle.

I turned the edges under,
pieced the linen to  make one big backing fabric,
and sewed my circle on.

Then I added some perle hand stitching,
just because.

And managed to be oblivious of my whacking big shadow when taking photos!
So Jo, basically I made you a football. I hope you don't mind.



  1. Haha you are crazy woman! But it is the prettiest darn football I have ever seen!

  2. Oh, you really crack me up sometimes Susan! It looks great :)

  3. I'm with Nicky, it's a very pretty football! I love the hand stitching!

  4. It is a lovely block, clearly you are not in need of instructions.

  5. seriously cool!
    One day I will make myself break out the hand stitching needles and try paper piecing. I have got as far as buying some templates. Don't think that's enough to go rushing it onto my WIP report somehow!

    Maybe I'll put together a hexie kit to come to the UK in May...

  6. LOL Had! Great idea to turn hexies into a ball! Jxo

  7. Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great block! :-)

  8. I love your block!!

    I don't think I could have handled cutting into someone else's nerves couldn't handle that kind of stress!

  9. Never been a fan of football...although...this one I like!!

  10. That`s cool and original and just a little the nicest possible way.

  11. It's the most gorgeous football I've ever seen! Great, great, great make.

  12. Best looking football I have ever seen, Gorgeous!

  13. But it's the coolest football eva...

  14. Bend it like...Susan! A great take in the circle!!! Love it!!!

  15. brilliant!! Clearly you are thinking like a Brit!! ;)

  16. Football, not my thing. This, definately my thing. Love it. Amazing job!

  17. Is there anything you cannot turn your hand to woman? Amazing job with these precious fabrics.

  18. Love it! I played soccer growing up, so I know a good soccer ball when I see one! Great job!

  19. such a clever cookie!!! love this idea and of course the stitching. Loved all your holiday photos too. Looks like a great time was had by all. x

  20. Fabulous block Susan! Palpitations were worth it :-)

  21. Great idea for a block!

  22. Oh, Little miss , you can make a tutorial for this and have a quilt along. So cute for fussy cut ideas.

  23. Love it! and you hexie'd too! still pondering what to do for mine... x


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