Wednesday 2 March 2011

The First Cut is... Done!

I've done it. I've got the courage to cut my fabric and trust that, whatever I do, it will still look good because the fabric will be the making of this quilt not the pattern. If I make sure that the beauty of the prints shows through then I will have achieved what I set out to do.

I actually have two ideas that I want to sew but, obviously, can only start with one. So I ironed all the fat quarters...

 ... took a deep breath, gripped the rotary cutter with a steely determination...

... and cut the first piece. With absolute predictability I cut it incorrectly. Well, not to the dimensions that I had set out in my pencilled drawing that I had by my side the whole time. So I sat and redid my maths, gave myself a mental kick and then cut some more.

Then I pieced them together and I had begun my first quilt since Christmas. I have been on a bit of a hiatus because I was very busy 'making things' before the holidays to give as gifts. Then the girls got ill, and then they each got a different germ and so on and so forth.

It felt good to get the sewing machine out today, take over the dining room and spread out fabric all over the place. Bits of thread are starting to multiply and move through the house with unnatural tennacity. I have got the bit between my teeth. So much so that I was very startled to look at the clock and realise that I was amazingly close to being late for the school run if I didn't race for the door. Just when I was getting into it. Hmmfff! All those other things in my life took up too much time in the morning. The cooking dinner, running errands sort of things.

But I did manage to piece three 9 1/2 inch squares. I am hoping that once I have nine different squares together and the background fabric around them that it will all go together in a cohesive manner (she said with great confidence!!).

The other task that took up some of my time today was to go to the book shop in Banbury and pick up 48 copies of Half of a Yellow Sun. Some time ago I put my name down on the World Book Night website to help distribute some of the one million (yes, 1,000,000) books that are being given out on Friday the 4th of March and over the weekend. I was quite surprised to hear back from the organisers to be told that I was one of the people chosen. Silly me. I should have done the maths - it takes a lot of people to give out that many books!

I shall be delivering these free copies to the local High School - Chenderit - on Friday morning. I have already arranged it with the Headteacher so I will not be showing up like some demented housewife waving copies of books to all and sundry teenagers. I will hand them over to the Head to distribute and I really hope deep in my heart that some of those copies will be truly enjoyed and treasured by at least some of the recipients.

And that was the day that was. More sewing tomorrow. Not too much on the 'to do list' that is pressing. It will be me, my iPod and my fabric. Lovely! A brief blissful moment passes before - Arrghhh! I have already remembered that I have to take the car in for its MOT. Always an event that has me on tenterhooks until they call and tell me if it passed or if it needs 'work' to get that all important piece of paper.

Good night. Susan

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