Saturday 5 March 2011

Scored an Own Goal (sort of)

I woke up this morning full of good intentions. Get the laundry in the machine, have my breakfast and then do some sewing. It was all going to plan until I did 'that mother thing'. I got annoyed with the instant, upon awakening, bickering that broke out between my two little angels beasts. And then I gave them an all day tv and computer ban. Cue the cries of dismay and the unrepentent mother scene. I told them to get on with finding something to do and entertain themselves. They did.

With my cutting board and sewing machine! Arggghhhh!

Okay, I know, this is a very good thing because they are happy, smiley people again and they are doing something they love just about as much as I do. But... but... but it's my machine. I want to play with it.

Never mind. Here they are, hard at work...

Helen is working on a version of a pattern that she drew up before Christmas and I just told her what size to cut her squares -

Her new one is going to be in a brighter colours and for a friend's birthday that is coming up. Emily is continuing with a stack and slash mini quilt she started on before Christmas -

Meanwhile I am left doing the (sob) ironing. Horror of all horrors! Maybe I will get my turn this afternoon. All fingers and toes are crossed.


Update: They just decided to go out on their bikes. Woohoo! I've got to go. I have a sewing machine calling my name.

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