Sunday 6 March 2011

Size Does Matter

All my life I have been...   hmmm...   what is the word I am looking for. Shops call me petite. My husband calls me PORG (Person of Restricted Growth). The word I am searching for is SHORT! Yes, let's call a spade a spade. I am not tall, I will never be tall and since I turned 13 I have eagerly awaited the growing spurt that everyone promised me would come.

Now I actually do not mind my height. I am not extremely short. 5'2" is fine. I have friends who are shorter and they are (a) gorgeous, (b) happy with themselves, and (c) not limited in any way by their height. Most everyone else is taller. And they are getting taller every day. Helen has ten year olds in her class who will soon over take me in the growth stakes, if they haven't already. Fine. It is what it is, as they say. I am not going to change, other than maybe get shorter in later years if my spine decides to compact a wee bit.

BUT there are great things about being on the small side and last week I found out another one. First of all...

... meet my feet. Perfectly normal feet - alright, other than the fact that my second toe (the one beside the biggest toe) is shorter than both the big toe and the middle toe. It's a heredity thing and the only draw back is that peep-toe pumps look absolutely ridiculous on me. My feet match my body size wise. Small but perfectly formed.

Now here is where size matters. I went shopping whilst up north. I bought myself a new pair of walking boots. Want to see them?

Now here's the good bit. I got told by the very nice salesman in the outdoor superstore that my feet are basically too big to fit in just about every well made brand of boots. They start at size four but they are a 'large' size four. So I had to buy children's boots. I loved it. Look, I'll show you the info on the box.

See, boys boots. Kids footwear costs less. Still a well made boot by a very good manufacturer but less money AND no VAT. That is an automatic 20% savings immediately.

Small feet ROCK!

I'm going out to get my boots muddy now. Bye!


Update - We walked. We enjoyed ourselves. We saw eight deer with one of them being an albino - no photos though as those deer can move faster than I can get my camera out of its case, point and shoot. So I took a picture of these guys instead -

They're not as fast as the deer. My boots are officially intiated. And not one blister. Yeah! They have a ways to go before they look like they belong in this house though. Still far too clean!

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