Thursday 3 March 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I was on a roll. The girls are in school. My beastie (the car) is in the garage so I couldn't go anywhere. I even controlled my procrastinating genes - got those from my father (I'm adding that just in case he reads this post).

I measured. I cut. I sewed. I was having a great time. Then I ran out of thread! For goodness sakes, how on earth did I do that? I always have spare spools of thread. I must have used far more than I realised in my pre-Christmas sewing binge. Who knew? I have dug around every nook and cranny looking for a spare, hoping beyond hope that one of the many of the girls' on-going projects had some of the correct thread with it - but no. Zilch.

And no car to go buy some more. Puh!

So this is where I am at -

And here is a sneaky peak at what I have been up to. Not all lined up properly so you can see what it is supposed to look like as a whole. Lots, lots more to still do. But at least I have something to show for my morning's labour.

No comments on what you think, please. I still have faith that it will all pull together nicely. I have been having so much fun today that I don't want it to end. It's almost time for the school run though. And then there is the car to collect, which isn't actually ready so that should be interesting. Wonder how much there is to entertain two girls at a garage?

The Beastie failed it's MOT test. (Sob!) I was told that it would need new front brake pads. Okay, said I, because I am lost without my car - and so are the girls as they would be stranded at school. No bus waiting to transport them as an alternative. There is more to this story but it is 'car stuff' so I am not going to go into it much more than this. Suffice to say I passed on the news of the failed MOT and cost to get the pass to John, he rang the garage and discussed the recent change of said pads and other mechanical things and it turns out that we were given a faulty part and they will replace the part and the brake pads at their cost. Yippee! So I still don't have a car BUT I will be able to afford to buy lots more thread tomorrow, when I do have a car. There is a silver lining to my cloud.

Tonight there will be no thread so therefore no quilting. I will get on with making more sqaures for my latest crocheted mini granny blanket. So far I have accomplished -

- making quite a few. I still love the jewel like tones and think they remind me of India and the glorious colours you get there.

One of my friends is coming over to drive me to the school (the garage is around the corner from it) so I had better get a move on. Hope you had as productive day as I did, one way or the other.


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