Thursday 24 March 2011

Random Acts of Daffodils

We've all heard about Random Acts of Kindness. Those little things, nice things, unexpected things you can do, usually for strangers that makes them happy and, consequently, you happy too. Things like indicating to a driver in an overcrowded car park where you are already parked that you are leaving so they can be ready to get your soon to be vacated space. Helping someone pick up things they have dropped just because you can. Flashing your car lights at someone to indicate that you are allowing space for them to pull out into traffic. Giving up your seat on a bus to someone who needs it more. All those little things that make everyone's days a little bit nicer.

Well, I am in love with random acts of daffodils. Not those daffodils that have been planted with purpose in someone's garden. They are very nice and appreciated, but those little clumps of daffodils that appear in odd places and make you wonder who planted them there and why. Those sunny bobbing daffodil heads brightening up a hedgerow, or a vacant piece of land. There is just something about seeing daffodils in these odd places that makes my day.

Whoever planted those bulbs, thank you.

And now on to some fabric. Here is the new fabric that I got from Etsy a couple of weeks ago. With it are charm squares that I have sorted out that I want to use with the feature fabrics. I am hatching a new quilt in my mind.

This is going to be a major girlie quilt. Couldn't be anything else with these one it -

Ideas are fermenting. Some fussy cutting will have to take place. My hand is itching to get cutting but other things have been taking priority. Never mind.

I forgot to show you the fat quarters I picked up when I was in the quilt shop on Tuesday. It was love at first sight. Well it was for me. Not sure about the fabric. I have no plans for them yet. I just want to sit and adore them.

Maybe I should come up with a project for Easter for these lovelies. Any ideas?

Well, there is dinner to be cooked, children needing attention and life happening all around me so that's it for today.


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