Tuesday 8 March 2011

Sherbet Pips in Progress

Despite life being very busy these days I have managed to do a little sewing and hooking crocheting. Yesterday I finally finished the quilt top for the Sherbet Pips quilt I am making. The fabric is lovely and it would  be hard to go wrong with any pattern for it, big or small. I shall give you a few sneaky peeks but not the full thing. Not until I get it all sandwiched together, quilted and bound. Then, and only then, will I show the big picture. Meanwhile you can make do with this -

In the evenings my crochet hook and I have been taking my squares and joining them together. I am still in love with the colours I am using. Not the usual granny square brights but they are so vibrant and rich that it works in an entirely different way.

Today is another perfect day here and I have the laundry flapping in the breeze outside for the first time in 2011. There is something so decadent about getting into a bed with linen that has come straight from the outside line to the bed. It is one of life's great pleasures and should never be under estimated for those who have the luxury of a clothes dryer. Tumble drying in this house in the winter consists of me going from radiator to radiator turning the clothes and adjusting them until all moisture content is removed.

And could I ask if anyone else goes through this trial when stripping the linen from the beds? This morning - off just one bed - I removed 23 soft toys, a pair of socks, a hot water bottle, the sponge meant to be used with a violin (why was it there?) and four books. How on earth a child finds room for herself amongst all of that is beyond me.

Helen made dessert for herself and Emily the other night. It was her idea and I was very proud because it was so healthy. She cut up two apples and whipped some strawberry yogurt lightly. Presented it beautifully and then garnished each with a chocolate coin and a chocolate button. Her presentation skills are getting better than mine.

The verdict was that apples dipped in yogurt taste very nice. This is a mother who would be happy to let Helen make that dessert any night of the week.

Finally, did I really not only tell the PTA about the great Easter Egg hunt the girls' school on the Isle of Wight had but volunteer to help organise it? What was I thinking? I now have approximately 210 egg outlines to get onto paper and then give different patterns to. Silly, silly me! I shall show you photos of said work when I get it under way. Easier to explain that way. Must ask the school for various colours of paper to put said designs on. I have a sneaky feeling that there are two very helpful girls who I might be able to arm twist into helping. (She says with fingers crossed.)

Things to do. So off I go. Bye.



  1. Fantastic blog Susan. You're incredbly prolific with all your projects not to mention writing the blog itself. Keep it up - there are people out here following you!



  2. Both of those projects look stunning - I particularly LOVE the sherbet pips quilt. I'm still trying to decide what to do with mine...


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