Monday 28 February 2011

More New Fabric and (briefly) the Evils of Multi Tasking

I love my kids. I had a great week 'up north' with them. They make me laugh. They fill me with joy. And today they are back in school and I am all by myself. Do not cue to sad music though. I am loving my 'me time' too. I am pottering. Doing a little of this and a little of that. The inevitable - laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. The procrastinating - reading blogs, writing emails, playing solitaire, etc. The fun stuff - admiring my new fabric and baking.

While I was away the much anticipated fabric order arrived. John was here and paid the duty owing on it. Great timing, thank you. I just had to come home and admire it. Any quilters out there will surely be aware of this new line of fabric. It is being much talked about and the official release date is April. BUT there are some pre-cuts out there and I searched online and found a bundle of fat quarters. Yippee! Woohoo! And all that stuff. Now it is mine, mine, mine.

Here it is - TaDa!

Who can resist those girls on the swings? The scootering children with the puppies? I love it. Lots of people love it. What makes it even nicer is how lovely the person who designed it is. Aneela at comfortstitching has been really kind and welcoming to me as I enter the blogging world. I hope to see many more fabric lines from her creative imagination because she designs fabrics that are useable and so unique that they beg to be bought and turned into lovely objects.

Now all I need is the courage to actually cut the fabric. I can visualise what I want to do with it but what if I get it totally wrong and then have to wait until April before I can buy some more? That would be a waste and a tragedy so, for once in my life, I think I ought to do a little forward planning, draw the pattern out and do the maths so that I don't waste a square inch of my hoard. Graph paper awaits.

Of course Sherbet Pips is not my only purchase. I did mention in an earlier post that I did a quick visit to a yarn shop while at my mother's. Keep in mind that quick does not equate to less bought. I just had to make up my mind very quickly. It can be done. Not often, but it really does happen.

The first thing that caught my eye was this cotton yarn because of the jewel like tones it was available in -

- and I have already started playing with it.

I bought this...

... because it was (a) super soft; (b) made with soya which I found intriguing; and (c) on sale. Have to like that!

I added a couple of new colours to my bamboo stash because they were beautiful, and some fine white cotton because I have a project in mind for it, but not for a while so you will forget all about it and then months from now I shall spring it on you. And if you never see it again then you will know that I failed at my task - those of you who even remember that I bought it in the first place.

Finally, I couldn't leave the shop without buying something for the girls. That would be mean. And it would give them something for themselves and hopefully they would keep their paws off my stuff. (Ulterior motives can be good at times - really and truly.)

Just in case you think they have been short changed, there is this little haul that they got from their grandmother, knitting needles included. They have plenty to play with, and have already started.

Now, I am a woman. Therefore I can multi task. Correct? Apparantly not! I can bake and do the dishes. I can bake and speak to my father on the phone. I can do all sorts of things, quite often simutaneously. But I cannot bake and photograph my new purchases at the same time. Nope. Not me. Look and see for youself. The first photo are the cookies I made while doing dishes and then talking on the phone. The last are the ones I baked while being totally distracted with the joys of my new fabric. They are now in the bin.

For those who are curious, they are chocolate chip cookies. I have been using this recipe forever and was under the impression that I had taken it from my mother when I left home but she begged to differ when I asked her about it a few years ago so I have no idea where I got the recipe from and have since tweaked it myself. They are really good (if I say so myself) and different from the usual chocolate chip cookies in that they have oatmeal and coconut (optional) in them. If you want the recipe please ask. I am not going to put it in today because I think that today's blog is long enough. I have paper and pencils waiting for me translate my mental visions into a viable quilt pattern.

Enjoy your day.


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