Saturday 26 February 2011

Returned from our Half Term Holiday

Well the girls and I have returned home today from Newcastle and a stay with my mum and stepdad. We go two or three times a year and always have a great time. The weather wasn't great but, then again, it is February and it could have been a lot worse. We fit in lots within the five days we were there.

My mother took Helen, Emily and their cousin, Dana, swimming on Tuesday and then we had a lovely walk on the beach in the afternoon. Some enjoyed it sensibly...

... and just did some photography.

Their cousin, Dana
Others cannot go to the beach without going for a paddle...

... even if it is February and the North Sea is absolutely frigid!

We went and saw Gnomeo and Juliet - which was great. Took a trip to the Centre for Life which, if you have never been, is a fantastic museum - just perfect for children as it is very hands on. Exhibits on the human body, electricity, the solar system, and lots more.

Our other day out was to Howick Hall - which was the home to Earl Grey and where Earl Grey tea was developed (please don't ask me more) and has a snowdrop walk going on right now. It was muddy, but fun. And there were snowdrops in abundance.

Helen and Emily did the snowdrop challenge which was a treasure hunt to find the answers to the twenty questions they were given at the beginning of the walk.

Sometime in all the things that were going on I did manage a (quick) trip to a yarn shop near Mum's. Couldn't be helped. It would have been so wrong to go so far and come back without something to add to my stash. And I have returned to find my much awaited fabric on my desk - Yippee! I will photo my new purchases when the girls are back in school on Monday. And then I am going to start sewing with a vengeance. My theoretical plan is that sewing will be for the daytime and crochet for the evenings.

My goal for this upcoming half term. That the girls have less than the sixteen sick days they accumulated between them last half term. I have not seen such an abundance of germs since they were born. And that I complete at least three small quilts and two more crocheting projects. We shall see if I accomplish this. Watch this space!


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