Sunday 20 February 2011

Bread - made the easy way!

If any of you have made bread before you know that sometimes it works, and sometimes it  just doesn't. Some have a natural knack for producing all sorts of yeast risen breads, and some (me) struggle to make an edible loaf. Well, I have a new, not so secret (after this post), ingredient that has made bread making a much easier process.

First, take your bread recipe and then insert one -

Emily - Age 8
Ta Dah! Better than my Kitchen Aid. Far more patient than me in all matters to do with bread. Capable of kneading a dough to slendid elasticity. What more could a person want? One enthusiastic child is all you need. Helen had an ice skating party to attend and Emily had time on her own.

So she measured,



and produced some lovely bread.

Anyone got a a better way of spending a Sunday afternoon? Nope, me neither.


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