Wednesday 18 June 2014

... and Around, and Around...

... and I'm finally finished going around in circles.

This picture is the sum total of my day. Quilting in circles and Fruit Mentos. I forgot to have lunch. A very unusual occurrence.



  1. The quilting looks lovely, can't wait for a 'full body' photo!

    P.S. I often forget to have dinner (lunch!) but it's usually because I'm asleep/on my way to bed for a nap...then I wonder why I'm ravenous during the teatime dog walk!

  2. Unfortunately not a good diet but a gorgeous quilt!

  3. You dont count mentos as lunch? Yesterday I had a cupcake and called it good!

  4. I'm in agreement with 'Archie' - cant wait for a full frontal reveal!
    Just found another interesting place for you to visit when'Up North' - Luigikhans - an indian/italian restaurant! I had licorice caramel ice cream for desert - OMG yummy!

  5. I like how you co-ordinate your food colours to your quilt colours.
    Such meticulous attention to detail.

    Thus, I expect to see brown quilts, when you bring out the chocolate bars. Or not.

  6. You finished thus very fast. Is it for a special someone?

  7. The quilting worked out great!


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