Saturday 4 February 2012

Winter Stitching Update

With one day to spare, I squeeze my Winter Stitching Up-Date in and will be linking it up with our uber mama organiser, Sarah - to be found at FairyFace Designs (but you knew that already).

FairyFace Designs

Unlike all those bloggy friends of mine who made lists a mile long, I kept mine relatively short so you would think that I had nothing but success to report. Ha! Chance would be a fine thing!

1. The first item was my Modern Christmas Tabelrunner Swap which I can report I am absolutely thrilled with - except for poor Annabella who seems to have had her tablerunner eaten by the postal service. I will be remedying the situation when I see her in June though so even this can be fixed, hopefully. My partner seemed to be very happy with the runner I made for her and I was pleased to have tried something new and have it come out as well as it did.

2. Finish Helen's Quilt - Success!! I am thrilled to report this, and it makes me smile every evening when I kiss her good night and the quilt is helping keep her warm. She loves it. I love it. Yea!

Within the same challenge for me was to then move on and work on Emily's. Well I would like to up the ante and say that before the Winter Sewing challenge is finished Emily's quilt will be too!

3. I was supposed to make 3,000,000 Christmas ornaments which might have been a slight exaggeration, but I can say that I made well over 100, sold some and gave lots as presents to friends and family. I would count item 3 as a success, as long as you ignore my tendency to exaggerate!

4. Make my Brit Bee Quilt. Um - no, this would still be at the stage of occasionally getting out my blocks and admiring them. No further work has been done.

5. Zips! Woohoo - this was a big, fat resounding success. So pleased that I no longer quiver in fear at the mere mention of zips.

6. This challenge was to start a new swap - with a bloggy friend or two. Well, seeing as how it is all I talk about half the time (swaps and birds!) then we all know that this is a success too. Mouthy Stitches was launched with more participants signing up than we could have imagined. Hopefully by the end of the Winter Stitching we will be able to report that it was a huge success - fingers crossed!

7. Try paper piecing. Not yet. Need to find the right project. Any suggestions?

8. Crochet a throw - something adult sized not baby size. I'm afraid that ambition and budget did not connect here. To make a throw the size I want is going to take a lot of yarn. And I want nice yarn. Soft, cuddly cotton yarn that is a joy to snuggle under. When I have the budget then this will happen, meanwhile it will just have to go on hold.

That was all there was on my list. It looks pretty pathetic unless I add in the things that I did make that never made it to the list. Here is a quick summary -

I made pouches of many sizes.
And went on a cushion making rampage.
There were fleece lined baby blankets.
Copious amounts of bunting.
A quilt for himself for his birthday.
I kept up with my Brit Bee blocks obligations.
A quilt for my brother and his family for Christmas.
One of the cushions I made.
They became a popular gift item for me to make this year.
My first attempt at a tote.
The reason people should use a pattern sometimes!
I started this,
soon to be finished.
I developed a bird obsession.
And an even bigger obsession with Heather Ross fabrics.
So all in all I don't think I did too badly. The worst I did was in my ability to predict what I was going to make, not in  my ability to actually make. (Does that make sense?)

For the remainder of the Stitchery list I want to finish the Terrain Quilt, finish Emily's quilt, keep up with Sarah's Stained Pink QAL when it starts (tomorrow rumour has it) but using my Favourite Fabrics in it, get the rest of the bird fussy cuts framed (only about 50 more to go) and then figure out how to go about piecing them together, and figure out a design for the Heather Ross Fan Club quilt. I need to finish making a pouch for my partner in Mouthy Stitches. Make a swap item for the FTLOS swap, and then do the hardest challenge of all - February's bee blocks.

Don't hold your breath that I will manage to get all that done. That would just be fanciful thinking on my part. But now I have focus I had best stop writing and get sewing!



  1. I love your winter table runner...and the rest look lovely too

  2. WOW! Give yourself a pat on the back:)

  3. Sounds like you did more than most! Love what you've done - especially that tablerunner ! and what you are going to make.

    BTW have you seen this

    all about PP!

  4. I saw some Johnny & Buck in there! One of my favorite fabric lines. My first quilt that I quilted on my big machine was made with the green colorway and a cow hide print. Love those little boys....reminds me of my own!

  5. You did TONS of stuff missus, and its all freakin fabulous! Short list my ass...
    Better go now, apparently I'm starting a QAL tomorrow... lol

  6. Yep those will do nicely!
    You need to get yourself a copy of Fat Quarterly 8!

  7. Wow you made so much! I'm still yet to try paper piecing. I'm going to try Pink Penguins tute for a coffee/tea pot first I think. I have everything I need apart from the urge to get on with it now!

  8. Yay what a great list of fab finishes!! The current issue of Fat Quarterly is all about paper piecing, I can't wait to try it. Thanks for linking up :-)

  9. I've been meaning to try this free Denyse Schmidt bag tutorial for ages. I even thought I would change the letters around to say "SHOP" - printed them out.....and that's as far as I got!

    or this Union Jack

  10. You are doing so well! I hate making lists of this type, your strategy is a pretty good one I think.

  11. this is a easy paper piece to start with though there are loads on the internet
    i started with this one
    think you will find it is easier than you think !!

  12. Wow. Gee that's a lot of very lovely sewing happening at your place.

  13. Phew! I'm out of breath just reading all that! What a list of achievements! Jxo

  14. blimey, you did loads! I was terrifed of starting paper piecing but it was all good and I actually enjoy it. Give it a go, you will enjoy it too

  15. So much success in one post – where to start ! When I see it all in one post like this I wonder where you found time. Way to go !

    Love Helen’s quilt. I was a lucky recipient of some Christmas ornaments and number them among my faves . I cant wait to get them out again and admire them. They’re beautiful.

    Im on a cushion making rampage too at the moment.

    I will learn how to do zips this year too.... I will really.

  16. Oh my goodness! Look at all that you've done! Are you exhausted? Absolutely beautiful makes - loving your birdie blocks best I think :)

  17. Fab list, awesome achievements! Fat quarterly is all about PP this time round, and I think someone is talking about a paper piece along, though I may have dreamt that one - Verykerryberry?

  18. Wow! That is a really impressive list, and the unplanned part is as long as the planned. Everything is lovely.

    I am working on some pouches as well. (I know, i must be the last person on earth to try them.) I have tried several different methods for the zipper tabs. Which tutorial did you use for these?

  19. Great work! And with sick kids and a unpredictable car! Most impressive in anyone's book!

  20. Wow you have done lots! Your pouches look great, how did you get zip ends so neat? Made my first one and ends are a bit bulky!

  21. That's a very impressive list! I like your finishes very much and I can't wait to see the Terrain Quilt completed and, as you already know, I'm a fan of your bird blocks.
    As for paper piecing, there are some nice blocks in the Skill Builder Sampler or if you wanted something more like a picture than a traditional block, how about the Birdhouse by Shape Moth?

  22. well done you - brilliant finishes

  23. The paper piecing a long based on FQs latest issue is with Dolores of A Labour of Love...had to say that first before I forgot! Great list of achievements Susan and with all you`ve been occupied with!

  24. You exhaust me woman!
    I fancy trying this paper piecing

    but you have to draw your own!

  25. I was one of those bloggy friends who made a ridiculously long list and has completely failed to complete it! You have made so much, it's great to put it all together and see what you've achieved.

  26. You've done amazingly well with your list - well done! Good luck with the PPing!

  27. Huh, see these smart alecks with their sensible short lists... ;o) Well done anyway :o)

  28. Thst's an amazing list Mrs! As for number 7, can you wait til March?! :) x

  29. Such a beautiful range of projects Susan! I have yet to try paper piecing too but this is one I really want to do when I learn how:)

  30. Really that was a mile long I'm sure!! All gorgeous projects and success in my book!
    I agree, get Fat Quaterly 8, it's wonderful :)

  31. Just for the record, I LOVE the bird blocks and I am 100% planning to do the same :-) Thanks for the inspiration!!


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