Wednesday 29 February 2012

Catching Up

You would think that after being on the go for the past few weeks that my first day alone again would be a quiet one. Would it, heck! I went from the school run to the train station and wished my best friend a safe trip home. I wasn't too sad because we had such a terrific visit and we are already conspiring about the next one. From there it was off to do a full grocery shop.

Oh, and for those of you in the UK who use Colour Catchers - they are half price at Tesco right now!

Home to put away the foraged food. Hang the laundry - because there is always laundry, isn't there! Then off to lunch with my friend - online and off - Jane. Lovely to see her again but by the time I left her it was straight to the school run. Once at the school I remembered that today was the day the caterers that have been contracted to provide school lunches were doing a display and tasting. Not only that, it was second term Parent Teacher meetings time.

So I just got in. At 5:30pm. I am a  little boggled at how that happened. I should have made the girls eat as much as they could of what the caterer had on hand and then I wouldn't have to bother with dinner. But I wasn't that smart.

And I have so much to tell you. Honestly, go make a cup of tea if you can be bothered to read it all. First up, thank you for all the kind comments about my poorly machine. Here is the update on that.

Mr Sewing Machine Shop Man rang me while I was putting away the groceries. He told me he had been a very perplexed man. The part (shown yesterday) that had dropped out of my machine was a sewing machine part. But he had been flummoxed trying to figure out where it came from in my Bernina. By lucky happenstance someone brought in the same model for servicing while he tried to figure out what on earth was going on with mine. He put them side by side. Yes, the part is still a sewing machine part but not from my machine.

There was a part in my machine that didn't belong there and it dropped out because it dropped out. I am not sure I understand the how or why it was in there. I did buy a second hand machine, but the upshot is that my machine is not missing any parts. Good. Very, very good! Mr Very Nice Sewing Machine Shop Man is going to give my machine a de-fluff, oil and general once over and I can have it back tomorrow. All for far less money than I thought I would have to fork out. Woohoo!

Now, I shall try to keep the next part brief before your tea goes cold. But there has been some terrific post around here lately.

First up, the ever lovely Helen sent me some fat little Christmas Robins,
and a sweet bit of love birds.
She got them from others and shared them with me for my
For the Love of Birdies quilt.
Thank you, Helen.
Ceri, is our Miss March in Brit Bee.
She has asked for paper pieced food and kitchen inspired blocks.
My mind goes in all sorts of happy directions thinking of food,
but I am not sure if that was what she intended.

Fiona sent me my Fugly winnings.
And two more birdies.
Thank you, Fiona.
And I like that bottom right one, and the bottom left so shall ignore all
comments made by Hadley regarding these. Ha!

And here is my last swap of HR fabrics.
I have a Sleeping Beauty now. Yea!
And frogs, dogs and scraps for my Favourite Fabrics quilt too.
Thank you, Cecellia!

Now we have to go way back to December when I won a prize from
Di which was sponsored by Dana.
Dana and I were both knee deep in Christmas prep so agreed to do
the prize choosing in the new year.
I got swamped with new stuff and delayed further
for which Dana was incredibly patient.
And now I have some of her incredible home made soaps and body scrub.
Emily has already asked for the lemongrass and sage one.
I told her no - I am willing to share but not give her the whole bar.
Was that too mean?
Thank you Di and Dana!

And if you are tempted by these lovely products then
here is Dana's business card.
All the details are on it but you can hop on over to here or here to make it easier.
Dana is multi-talented as she does some amazing quilting as well as make soap.
Wow! You made it to the end. Thank you. I think it is late enough now that you have earned yourself a glass of wine. I'm off to cook dinner before there is a rebellion here.



  1. Oooh lovely post - was that all on one day? Sad to see your friend leave but sounds like you are too busy at the moment to be sad. Great news about the machine!

  2. Oooh so much lovely post! You lucky duck... :-)

  3. Good to hear that your machine is dying just yet! V.strange how it is giving birth to random parts though! Enjoy all that scrumptious post (& your tea of course!). Jxo

  4. Fab news on the machine - but I wonder what on earth that part was doing in there? (And so good it hadn't damaged the machine)
    Lovely long chatty post - glad you had such a good visit with you friend.

  5. I'd love a glass of wine but maybe 6am is a wee but early!! So glad the machine has made a miraculous recovery! It might even work better now!!! Lots of happy mail too !

  6. ha, ha thats so funny about your machine: a piece dropping out that didn't even belong there, how random: great news for you though!!

  7. So happy and relieved your got the HR fabrics (always a little paranoid about packages getting lost in the mail)! :)

    And that is great (but slightly strange) news about your sewing

  8. So glad to hear your machine isn't as poorly as first thought and more to the point isn't going to cost an arm and a leg!

    I love, love the robiny, Christmasy fabric!

  9. Phew. Glad your machine is fine and enjoying a spruce up. Lots of lovely fabric there. Full steam ahead when the S Machine returns? Di xo

  10. That is such bizarre but good news about your machine Susan.

    Btw - I have sleeping beauty fabric I would have shared. I just assumed you have everything Heather Ross :) lol

  11. Sounds like the good stuff carries on!

  12. wow what a good day you had !!glad the machine is ok too enjoy your evening !!

  13. Thanks again for meeting was fun! Glad to hear the machine will be back sooner rather than later... :-)

  14. Stuff gets left where it shouldn't all the time. My brother was saying yesterday about when they used to have to put these panels in at a Honda plant. The panels would come from the manufacturer and when they'd open them up there would be all kinds of stuff in them - screwdrivers and spanners and other stuff that could be dangerous given the electrical components.

  15. Stuff gets left where it shouldn't all the time. My brother was saying yesterday about when they used to have to put these panels in at a Honda plant. The panels would come from the manufacturer and when they'd open them up there would be all kinds of stuff in them - screwdrivers and spanners and other stuff that could be dangerous given the electrical components.

  16. God is so good...even about dumb stuff like sewing machines.

    Glad to have you back more regularly.

  17. sounds like the time thief who visits me skipped over to you!! The little robins are lovelly x

  18. Glad the machine wasn't terminal!
    Lots of lovely mail there - I got a pair of ballet headbands and a bill today!

  19. Huh, nothing like foreign objects invading your machine!

    As for the mail, I want visitors if that's the kind of goodies that arrive when they're around!

  20. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit with your friend. I have been ever so patient... hehehe

  21. Wow, you have the best mail. I might have some fabrics to send or bring to you if that is your only sleeping beauty. Such good news about the sewing machine.

  22. I had to take a nap in the middle of this post but glad all is well. HA! So glad you finally ordered and received your soaps. They are yummy smelling and soft and creamy, too.

  23. Weird about the sewing machine part, but a lovely happy ending.
    I wish I had your mail, I just get bills!

  24. Glad your sewing machine is ok. Mine is being collected today for a service. I had a needle break and i could not find all of it. Have a feeling it is in machine. Enjoy your goodies. Jan

  25. excellent news about the machine!!! woo hoo! How odd for it to have that other part in it though. Lovely soaps. Not too mean at all about the lemongrass and sage! You pamper away you deserve it!

  26. Good news about the sewing machine! Be careful with Colour Catchers though, I used to use them but then my washing machine started acting up, it'd take hours to do a cycle... I called the repairman out and it was the colour catchers, getting stuck in the tube, he says he sees it all the time...

  27. Jealous of all your little birds!! :-)

  28. So glad about the machine, how crazy!!
    Lovely goodies too, that soap looks scrummy :)
    Mums don't get a day off I've realised!!

  29. That's one hell of a busy day!! Hope the food was food nice and the parent teacher meetings were ok! Great news about the sewing machine - how very odd! You get some gorgeous post - the soap looks lovely! And thanks for the colour catcher tip - I've added them to my list for Monday!! Have a great weekend!


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