Wednesday 15 February 2012

12 Minutes

I annoyed some people yesterday. And to make it worse I am not one bit repentant. Usually I have a level of guilt, whether deserved or not, but not this time. Let me tell you what happened.

My local quilt shop is The Bramble Patch. It's a lovely shop and they also do classes which is where I took my first steps into the quilting world. Yesterday was their annual sale. Yup, once a year one big sale. For those of you in North America who don't know what quilting cotton costs here - the average price at this shop is £11.95 per metre (approximately US$18.75). Now you now why we in the UK complain about the cost of fabric a lot!

Therefore the annual sale is a big thing for quilters in the surrounding area, and some even come from further afield. Getting fabric half price can't be ignored, especially for those who have not discovered the joys of online shopping. Anyone who wants to hold on to the image of us quilters being gentle souls should never attend this sale. It is not a pretty sight!

The shop doors open at 10am but there is a long queue by that point, so it pays to arrive early and get into said queue. This year the sale landed right in the middle of the half term holidays so I had to take the girls with me. I planned accordingly. They had books, and snacks, and had been primed for what to expect. There were explicit instructions to go straight upstairs to the balcony where the books are and to watch the carnage from above.

When we arrived at the shop there were already a number of quilters sat in their cars but they had conveniently left the parking space right by the front doors free. Thank you! I told the girls to make themselves comfortable and I would get out and line up. I was the first in line. Woohoo! Another lady joined me soon after and she was lovely, and we were soon chatting happily.

A few minutes later more ladies got out of cars and then one came and stood by us and said, 'Excuse me ladies but we were here first so if you don't mind we will go in front.' Excuse me?! I (politely - honestly) suggested that that was not how a queue worked, as did the lady who I had been chatting to. 'But we were here earlier than you! We've been sat in our car!'

'So have quite a few others,' I replied. (Shall we ask them to all go in front after they decide who arrived in what order? - I thought to myself.)

Well, that was it. We then endured half an hour of muttered (loudly at times) 'That's so not fair!', 'They are so rude!', etc, etc. Oh for goodness sake people, grow up! When my children got out the car close to opening time one of the aggrieved quilters suggested that the two of them should go to the end of the line because they had been in the car. I ignored that, and wasn't going to even get into it with them which showed an incredible amount of restraint on my part.

And when one of the shop staff came out to take a photo of the line up they commented to this group of quilters, 'I might have known you lot would be near the front.' obviously knowing them. To which they replied, 'Well we were at the front but that's a long story. We'll tell you all about it later.'

Sometimes I just do not understand people. Was I wrong?

Why the importance of being at (or near) the front? Well I was in the door when it opened, straight to the tables of uncut fabric, quickly picked one I liked and handed it to the person doing the cutting. I then made a quick circuit of the table and picked up bolts and handed them to her as I went. By the time I had made my circuit the table was surrounded. Shortly thereafter it was two deep and you couldn't get at anything. The wait for a staff member to cut for you was (I presume) long.

I could have chosen a lot more than I did. Budget and short arms prevented that happening. Once I had my fabric cut the girls ventured down from above, risked life and limb and picked a couple of FQs each. I was at the till paying when Emily threw a charm pack into the basket as well. That took me by surprise!

It's Lily & Will from Moda. I don't have a photo because I told Emily that we would have to share the charm pack. So she came home and gave two (yes, two) squares to Helen, none to me and took the other 40 for herself. She is busy making something with them already.

The following is what I bought yesterday -

Before you think I have taken leave of my senses -
these are the girls choices.
Though as Emily took most of the charm pack I think I am going to nick that black FQ from her.

As you can imagine there is a lot of end of line fabric that is on sale. But this is okay with me because it meant that I could stock up on some that I loved and wasn't likely to see for sale in many places any more.

Bliss - woohoo!
There was a lot more of the line available but I couldn't have it all at
the minimum cut of a metre each.
Sarah, you would probably have had the lot!
Flurry by Kate Spain.
I know this is a Christmas line but I think this FQ and metre of fabric
are good all rounders and was especially thrilled to get the red because I love it.
It's a Hoot by Moda.
More of my favourites from the past year.
Sunkissed on the left and Just Wing It on the right.
I paid for all of the above and we left. On leaving the shop I looked at my watch. 10:12am. I would call that a very efficiently spent 12 minutes. I am sure that someone arriving was pleased to get my parking spot too.



  1. Nice haul!

    Those ladies need to put on their big girl panties and deal with it. If being first was so important to them, why were they in the car?

  2. I'm very impressed you managed not to tell the queue-crazies where to go!
    Pretty pretty fabric!

  3. if they want to be first get out of the cars no brainer some people are so rude !!!you got some great stuff i like the sunkissed and the kate spain also nice aquas !!

  4. That story made me smile cause I would have behaved just as you did and then been cranky about those ladies all day. Amazing the nerve of some people and the fact that they think you were in the wrong! At least you ended up with some pretty great fabric.

  5. You're the girl! If this was an Olympic sport (maybe it should be!) then you get the gold medal! I have little patience for small mindedness so I understand your frustration, but well done on rising above it! It definitely paid off! Jxo

  6. OH DEAR .... it seems as if some folks NEVER get out of the playground!! Like the fabrics... all of them xx

  7. Wow. You scored all that in 12 minutes? Woohoo! You netted some beauties, Susan. Too bad about the queue kerfluffle. It's news to me that waiting in the car counts as being at the front of the line. ;o)

    Enjoy those lovely fabrics!

  8. Seriously. The front of the line is the adult standing there, not the adult in the car.You were/are SOOOO correct....and so much nicer than I am (apparently...LOL)As for the goods...well, you scored!! LOVE them...

  9. Oh FFS! Yeah, you want to queue, you get in the flipping queue, your car doesn't count!

    Enjoy your new goodies :o)

  10. All that in 12 minutes? Good Job! I like the Bliss best, but all are great.

    As to the line --i can't imagine anyone here (Wisconsin) thinking you could wait in the car and go to the head of the line. What a mess if everyone did that-- there would be no line at all. They probably just felt dumb that they didn't get out of the car when they arrived and were trying to bluff you into letting them be first.

    I was surprised at the actual cost of a meter/yard of fabric-- many people blog that it is more expensive, but haven't seen examples with conversion to USD. Please continue to help the US economy--we need it! My daughters who live in Korea & the Netherlands always buy clothes when they are here-- guess it is the same idea. They also order clothes and have them shipped here for me to mail (at their expense) and still come out ahead.

    You should have asked the shop to give a special prize/discount for the first in line.

  11. It's a good job you don't have to go to the vets here. You'd be hung drawn and quartered. There's no appointments and the waiting room is outside and everyone sits in their cars in winter. You make a note of who's there when you arrive, who comes after you, and make sure they don't go in before you! By some miracle is works!
    Nice fabric haul!

  12. Oh I am ashamed to say I am British. What an cheeky thing to say, sheesh no way do they get into the front of the queue. I would have stood my ground too! Who do they think they are, the queue is at the door not as you drive into the car park. As you may know in France everything closes for lunch so we very often have to sit in the car and wait for the shop to open, but nobody runs to jump in front of you when the doors open!! Good for you!! Linda

  13. Well obviously these women believed that they had first dibs on the queue because they are regulars and that meant no one would ever DARE to disagree with them. You were right. If they were really that much of a regular and valued customer (or friend of the business) they would have got a preview of the sale. They were treated just like you, they were just to proud of their associations with the shop to recognise that fact.

    Nice haul - sounds like I would have had a dreadful time LOL

  14. Nothing like a bit of queue rage! Good for you, you got some great goodies :)

  15. No way! What a cheek, well done you for putting them straight: how can someone even have the cheek to stand there and say that to you!!
    What a great load of fabric you got

  16. What a haul! That's awesome that you were in and out in only 12 minutes!

    I think you were right to hold your place in line. If they wanted to be first they could have gotten out of their cars sooner.

  17. I feel really sorry for those ladies haha they forgot their towels!

    Good for you girl they should know not to come between Susan and fabric!

  18. Susan, I have sat in my car, waiting for a quilt shop event. I live in Calgary, and it was winter. I watched the lineup form, and just before the doors opened, I went out and joined the end. I never would have thought of asking to go first. The reason I was sitting in the car is because I didn't want to stand outside in the cold. I suspect your ladies were of the same mindset. If you're not willing to stand in line, then you're not IN line, in my opinion.

    Lovely choices of fabric! I look forward to seeing what you make with those.

  19. You were too nice to those ladies. I would have had a throw down. I don't know if Black Friday is a "thing" where you are, but out here, it's the biggest shopping day of the year. We arrive HOURS early to the stores to line up outside in the cold November weather so we can be the first to all the sales. At 5am on a cold morning before coffee... I would CUT some lady if she said she should be in front of me because she was keeping her butt warm in her car. No. You were a much better woman than I. Don't feel guilt. Pray for Karma to come back and spill fruit punch on their fabric!

  20. Oh thank God you didn't recognise me!! I bet I got up earlier than you too!

    There would have been punches if I really had been there! Honestly, I am up for a fight at the best of times and this would have suited me fine x

    Oh, nice fabric by the way - I would have bought all the stuff those birds had even glanced at!

  21. I'm still laughing at picturing you and Hadley together in a quiltshop sale queue.... that'd be lethal! Totally right missus, sitting in your car doesnt count. Well done in hearing them talking to the LQS people and not thumping them...

  22. 12 minutes of well spent time..good going! for the ladies wanting the front of the queue...I'm with you, you got to get your bootie out of the car for it to count!

    Doesn't surprise me though...

  23. Wow, that's quite a tale. I've worked retail for 20 years and have seen everything. You handled it perfectly. Those gals are crazy and use to getting their way thru intimidation.

  24. You handled yourself really well, so proud of you. Funny I have some of those same fabrics in my stash, you have great taste!!!

  25. Well if you snooze you lose! I loved this post Susan and can just imagine the old bats whinging to all and sundry yesterday about `that` woman who pushed in at the quilt shop. Oooh, `ark at `errrr! Great picks and love love Just Wing It!

  26. ROFLMAO! Are you sure you haven't watched me at the Doughty's sale! That's my girl! Show 'em how it's done! Have they never heard of the 6 P's? Those old ladies deserve a public horse whipping imho! Have to admit, London is looking more and more interesting at the thought of you and hadley in the que for dinner!

  27. Queue jumpers! Ugh!!! The best 12 minutes of shopping ever !Your girls probably didn't even get time to eat their snacks!!

  28. You have more restraint than me!! I am not a massive fan of that shop as it is and I would have flipped at that.

    Nice fabric haul though ;-)

  29. That is raucous!!
    You are totally in the right - there's no queue unless there's a queue!
    Great haul :)

  30. Thanks for brightening my day Susan! I keep sniggering thinking of the queue scenario :) Some people really have an unbelievable cheek - congrats on such self restraint!
    What a lovely haul you got yourself too, although you're going to have to watch out for that quilter Emily - good job it was a sale, lol.
    12 mins? wow! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the day.

  31. I thought us Brits were supposed to be good at queueing? Honestly, our Olympic gold medal chances are dwindling by the minute ;o) Next thing we'll stop holding doors open for people (and the dozens that turn up after the person we originally held the door for!) and we won't be apologising when strangers bump into us...
    Definitely a well spent 12 minutes - feel free to send any unwanted bits my way!! I love Emily's definition of sharing!!!

  32. Hilarious, what age were these people? 14? Seriously. A psychic queue so. Looks like you did really well. And you are right, I would have loved to be there for some more Bliss :-)

  33. Good on you for being mature enough not to make snidey comments, unlike some queue people! Love that bliss, I am going to stroke my 2 charm squares from the rainbow swap until the go threadbare lol!

  34. Way to go . You got some lovely stuff.

    You weren't one bit in the wrong. Those women were incredibly rude and were being patently ridiculous.

  35. Seriously. If you want to be first, you have to stand in line. Nice fabrics -- and in just 12 minutes. Amazing!

  36. My blood was simmering as I read your post.I'm surprised they didn't call the quilt police....oh, sorry,they probably were the quilt police!!

  37. You go girl! Proud of you! Lovely purchases xx

  38. that's funny - cheeky buggers - love the fabric you bought - and a brilliantly executed mission in 12 minutes!

  39. Urg! Some people seriously need to get a life... I mean REALLY! Maybe they need a ticket system for the next sale ;-)

  40. lol, my aunt lives near bramble patch and I often think I'll go take a look while I'm visiting but we don't get round to it..perhaps next time. RE the queue..hmm I'm a bit on both sides. We have a sit and wait at the doctors here and I ALWAYS get there at 7.50am (they dont open until 8) and we sit in the car, there's then an unspoken rule that whoever was in the first car goes first etc etc... I would be INCREDIBLY annoyed if someone went into the docs at 8 as I was getting out the car tbh and jumped the queue. However, for quilting fabric life's too short and if they were that desperate they should've got out the car and stood :O)

  41. Now I know why I paint my own fabric :))

    These ladies obvously don't know not to annoy a blogger!

  42. Ah stuff 'em! They need to get real!

    Well done and DO NOT feel guilty on any account!

    Shame I did'nt have any money to spare or even know about it LOL!
    Enjoy your purchases and the rest of the week,

    Sandie xx

  43. Well done on standing your ground, that is indeed how queues work! Good bargains too x

  44. Too funny! And I thought the Brits were better at line ups than we were, you sure showed them!

  45. I think that I would have had a few choice words to say to those ladies - the nerve of some people!!! At least you got some lovely fabrics)

  46. I so wish I would have been in that line (what we call it here) with you. I would have had so much fun tormenting (read: making fun of) the people behind me that were RUDE!!!!


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