Thursday 23 February 2012

Play Time

What have I been up to with my best friend these past few days, now that I have wrestled her away from the girls? I have been having fun. I have also been forgetting to take photos. Apparently I can talk and sew, but I can't talk and take pictures. Here's a bit of what we have seen.

On Tuesday we went off to Stratford and had a walk, lunch and a wander. We sucked in the atmosphere, admired the buildings and enjoyed ourselves.

We played at tourist.
Well Francine did, I of course looked like a local!
And listened to the nice man exclaim about
'All the bloody people with cameras!'
Lots of lovely architecture.

Including where we ate our lunch.
Though I failed on the food photography thing. Sorry.
This was a small bit of what we ate but the only thing that looks remotely edible.
We even got our retail therapy in historic buildings.
Yesterday we drove down to Milton Keynes for further retail therapy but I can't tell you what we bought because my father and brother read this blog. We did have fun though. And a nice lunch. (Emily is really annoyed that we went without her as it is her favourite restaurant of all time, I think.) And my food photos were slightly better here.

Yo! Sushi
Got to love a place where the food comes to you.

Watching the options go by.
Duck sushi.

Spicy chicken salad.

I know, some people hate raw fish.
I don't, I like lots of different ones.

But not all the food is raw.
You can order lovely dishes, like this squid.

Yakisoba noodles.

Dumplings - one of my favourite things.
In fact, as you can see I ate one before I remembered to take a photo.

Just waiting for the waitress to come and add up what we had,
each dish colour coded to a price.
Now the sun is shining, the chores are done and we are off for a walk. Hope that you are having a fab day and that the sun is shining where you are too.



  1. Heh, glad you've been having fun! I can sympathise a wee bit with your man and the 'people with the bloody cameras', I went to school in Shrewsbury and had to walk through town from the station to the school every day. There were groups of tourists forever just stopping dead in the middle of the pavements taking photos when you had to get somewhere in a hurry lol

    Love Yo Sushi though, but totally against the diet rules right now *sigh*

  2. Looks like you're having lots of fun!! Are we not allowed to see what you bought because they're presents or because you spent too much?!!

  3. Oh it's years since I was in Stratford, used to take our visitors there too when we lived in Worcester.
    Never tried Yo Sushi, aybe if everything is not raw, I will one day!!

  4. Looks like a fun time...AND you've had the BEST weather!'s been glorious today! Francine has been so lucky!!

  5. Yo! Sushi looks like my kind of place - wish there was one round here. And I'm sure last time I went to Stratford I ate in exactly the same pub! Glad you're having such a fab time!

  6. what fun .... I LOVE Yo Sushi!... I was "introduced" to it by my daughter and her Australian partner...bit adictive though taking thos e little dishes and "just" trying this one!! Glad you had a fun time after all the frustration with the bag xx

  7. So glad you're having so much fun! three cheers for school eh... :-P

  8. what I wouldn't do for one of those dumplings! looks like you're having a great time!

  9. The sun will be shining as soon as its up! 35 here today! Pity I have to work! Ugh! Stratford is a pretty place and the food looks yummy too!

  10. We've lived in touristy places and still do. Yes tourists can be a pain, but they also bring in good things : -jobs, facilities, pennies etc, so there's absolutely no need to be rude.
    Sushi looks revolting, but each to his own!! Have a good time

  11. Not fair! My mouth is watering for that squid! Xx

  12. I love raw fish ...yum!

    So while I'm working my butt off you're out there doing girly things and having fun . That just doesn't seem right !

    Oh Ok then - keep having fun. I'll keep the world turning while you're taking a break ...

  13. so glad you are having a fun time with your BFF

  14. You can't say what you bought in Milton Keynes because you know your dad and brother read your blog! C'mon, fess up, just WHAT did you buy??? Inquiring minds NEED to know!!!

    Big Bro

  15. Sounds hard work all that enjoying yourselves. Hope you 'braved' the shoppers in MK out found something you like!

  16. Looks like you're having a blast! Enjoy every minute! Jxo


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