Friday 3 February 2012

Almost There...

... with my Terrain HST quilt. Because the lovely Judith helped me get hold of some fabric and then sent it to me. I now have the backing fabric for the quilt.

Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler
I quickly pressed the backing, put the layers together and got on with the basting.

The quilting is going to be very simple on this quilt because I do not want to distract from the fabric or the pattern at all. Needless to say I haven't actually got the thread I want for the quilting but I will get around to purchasing that more quickly than I did with the backing.

I also received another fabric gift this week. From Wendy, who sent me some scraps for both For the Love of Birds and my Favourite Fabrics quilt.

Ruby and Bliss!! Joy!
And new birdies.
Love that charm square, middle row, second from left.
It's already fussy cut perfectly for me.
So another huge thank you going out to Wendy. This is going to be the best quilt ever because of all the generous donations so it is going to represent my blogging life as well as a quilt I love. And (I repeat myself here) Ruby and Bliss! Sarah will be launching her Stained Pink QAL any moment now and I am going to be all set because it will be  my Favourite Fabrics Quilt. Well, I have a huge number of scraps I am waiting to put in this quilt and I have the solid I need for all the narrow sashing. All I need is the time and energy to make it. While doing two swaps, and having visitors. How hard can it be?

Meanwhile, I am cooking dinner while I write this. Bouncing back and forth. Rather shot myself in the foot tonight by making the Penang curry too hot. So now I am making a quesadilla for Emily with raw veggies on the side, because her eyes near popped out her head when she tasted the curry. Way too spicy for her! I sort of knew that was going to be the case, but best go make sure I don't burn her quesadilla. I would be running out of options of what to feed her if I do!



  1. The quilt is going to be stunning, love that backing fabric.

    So I made a good guess on the Bliss and Ruby? The charm square you love is from Woodland something or other!!

  2. I love the Amy Butler fabric - I bought myself some to make a tunic with - my two favourite colours, so you can't go wrong!!

  3. You'd never know there were so many gorgeous birdie fabrics out there! I can't wait to see that one finished either! Soul Blossoms looks great with Terrain! Enjoy your curry! We're having fajitas! Jxo

  4. I am admiring all those triangle points so beautifully lined up. Have a good weekend and keep warm!

    Pomona x

  5. Love, love, love the terraine quilt.
    Enjoy the curry!

  6. Oh can't wait to see the HST quilt in full glory.
    Going to be searching out fuglies, scraps and the like this weekend, are you fully birdied up? I'll take some pics and let you see if I find any you don't have (not holding out hope as you appear to have every bird ever made already!). x

    Ooh and get you and your fancy dinner - bangers, mash and beans for us tonight!

  7. Mmmmmm Penang curry!

    Looking forward to a finished Terrain quilt :)

  8. Lots going on in the kitchen and the sewing room! Well done Susan - you over achiever you!

  9. Oh soul blossoms will look lovely with terrain :-) And more birdies? LOL gonna start calling you the birdlady.. I can just hear you singing the song from mary Oh and yes, sarah should have stained up and going by sunday... fingers crossed I can stay awake...

  10. Love Amy Butler - she`s the best!

  11. Can't wait to see your quilt. That Amy Butler is going to look amazing on the back.
    Penang curry sounds yummy!

  12. It's going to be a beauty Susan.

    Very pretty fabrics too...I love the Ruby and Bliss lines and have them both in my stash .

    One word on the alternative meal front : sandwiches!

  13. Yay Judith and Wendy! I haven't forgotten your green birds BTW, just haven't been at the shop this week, but I believe on Monday we're due a hike up there at lunchtime!

  14. I think you get the BEST mail of any blogger I know. Lucky you - always something to look forward to ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. The Terrain quilt is going to be a beauty! Look forward to seeing it in its full quilted glory!

  16. cant wait to see your fininshed terrain quilt, its going to be stunning

  17. Really looking forward to the Terrain quilt, it's going to be awesome.

  18. It's heading to be a beauty! HOT Penang Curry? I've always lived with it as a fragrant curry! Ha and I was born in Penang! Get busy quilting!

  19. Yay for progress! That backing is gorgeous - perfect choice (as always).
    Hope you didn't burn the dinner :)

  20. Love the backing fabric and I can't wait to see how you quilt it! Your new fabric is wonderful!


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