Friday 27 January 2012

If I Only Had a Brain!

Now I do know I do regular numpty reports, but this one takes the cake. Remember that mysterious Echo FQ yesterday? Well, I was sat here yesterday evening catching up on emails when I came to one from a friend in Australia. The one in which Kirsten asked if she could have a piece of fabric shipped to me and then I would post it to her because the shop was asking twice the value of the fabric to get it to her. Of course I said it wasn't a problem and I was happy to do it. Of course she told me exactly what fabric was being shipped to me and from what shop.

My brain is disintegrating faster than the speed of light! I thought that if poor Kirsten read my post about the FQ before I sent her an explanation she would be shouting at the computer screen, 'It's my FQ you numpty! Don't cut it for goodness sake!!' Kirsten claims she just about spilt her coffee all over her computer she was laughing so hard, in fact.

So my Favourite Thing Friday this week is the fact that my sense of humour is still intact, even if the rest of my faculties are not!I made it through the child with shingles, the child with the hurt back, the garage from hell - and then I ended up able to laugh at myself for being such an idiot. It can't all be bad then!

Today has been about having everything ready for the weekend. Including the birthday cake. Which Helen has requested this -

- all to go on her cake as decoration. Except the Chocolate Orange, because I thought we could use that in the icing instead of plain chocolate. Where on earth does that child get her obsession for chocolate from?!

Between the grocery shopping, cake making, hoovering and bathroom cleaning (eeuuuuw!) I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of sewing. So yesterdays birds and today's birds are here.

Twelve more.
Loving this one...
... and the love birds!

In total now there are about 26.
Lots more to go.
 Just in case anyone remembers my Terrain HSTs, I finally got some fabric ordered for the back. I should get that sometime towards the end of next week. So I should have a finish in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, I have zips, solids and some linen out there in the postal system and when they arrive I can get on with the swap items. It's okay, I don't think there will be much sewing featured in this weekend. 3D animated films, yes. Pizza, yes. Giggling girls, yes. Sewing, no!

Hope you have a good weekend and that your FTF is not a disintegrating mind but a sense of humour still there. Honestly, I thought I had a few more years before it all started falling apart! I'm headed over to Shay's to see who else has a FTF, right after the feeding of three girls and a Brownie run, and cake decorating.



  1. Hilarious. Love your bird blocks, too.

  2. Silly billy!! Thank goodness you read that email before you cut into the surprise fabric! And I'm coming round for a slice or two of birthday cake, hope that's ok? Have fun!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh. The love birds are beautiful.

  4. As we say in NI "you're a case"!

    Your birds are so cute, can't wait to see what you're going to do with all of them.

    Have a lovely and uneventful (save the birthday event) weekend.

  5. You make me smile :) I do stuff like that all the time! I think I might have some more bird scraps. Would you like a couple more?

  6. Hahaha! I actually love you.

  7. Too funny!!
    Loving the bird blocks and that cake looks like it is going to be lush :)

  8. bird blocks wonderful,cake well that should be fantastic and so glad you didnt make a pouch for the swap with the fat quarter of echo !!!

  9. Ah - the senior moment! Have fun this weekend.

  10. You know it's really bad when you rush out of the house one morning & realise you forget to put your underwear on! Tell Helen that's a birthday cake after my own heart - yum! Death by sugar! Loving the birdies! Have a great one! Jxo

  11. No, that chocolate obsession is a complete mystery... Loving your birdies, and I think we kind of established yesterday that I can't comment on the mysterious parcel thing (especially as another arrived today!)

    Good luck with the girlie invasion!

  12. LOL love it! Just yesterday I grabbed my ponytail holder and put it in my hair. 1 second later, I started searching the bathroom floor and counter because I wanted to put my hair up and I just KNEW I had a holder in my hand a moment ago.

    I finally caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror (this went on for almost a full minute) and saw I already used the dang thing!

    When I wore glasses, I was the same darn way...

  13. Haha! this sounds like something I might do at the moment because my brain has definitely gone on holiday without informing the rest of me...

    Loving those birdie blocks!

  14. Wow, I think Helen's birthday cake is going to be absolutely gorgeous - save me a piece please :)
    Happy Birthday Helen, have a wonderful day filled with everything you enjoy!
    I laughed out loud over the FQ - don't worry, I do far worse! Numpty here has been meaning to look out a couple of birdies and that's another week flown by. Love your blocks :)

  15. Oh so you are not sending me the echo then! Haha! Have to laugh at that one Susan - if it were me I'd have been on that phone straight away! Hands off my Echo - seem to remember someone saying that to me recently.....??

  16. You crack me up. At least you couldn’t remember ordering it. If that happened to me I’d be totally convinced that I did order it !

    I’m getting really excited about seeing your birdie quilt all together .

    Gee I wonder where Helen gets this obsession from? Genetic much?

    You showed that chocolate orange to taunt me didn’t you?

  17. Ha! Glad I'm not the only one that does dumb stuff like that, hilarious!
    Chocolate obsession, very strange!!!
    Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Birthday Helen.

  18. Ha! That's hilarious! I wish I called the FQ first :)

    Your little birds are looking so fantastically adorable!

  19. LOL! Enjoy your weekend hosting the birthday girl and friends!

  20. Can't tell you what a relief it was to read your post. And here I thought when I did those kinds of things it was old age. So funny! Love the birds.

  21. hahaha - i have early onset of alzheimers too - too funny! your birds are looking great

  22. I am totally loving your birds...right uo my alley but better than that is the fact that you are younger than me and just as senile. **big grins**

  23. Love the birds .. glad you still have your sense of humor too!

  24. ha, ha thats funny! Lucky you didn't do anything with it. Your blocks are looking fanastic

  25. You're a wonderful person, you know :)
    Thanks for the laugh, too.
    And I love your bird blocks and just can't wait to see more.

  26. Hilarious..!it did sound too good to be true! Loving the birdies, coming along nicely :) x


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