Friday 7 October 2011

What I've Learned about a Go! Baby's Cutting Mat Life Span

I had a nice long chat with a customer services representative at Accuquilt yesterday. We chatted online because when you log onto their website this option is offered. You click and they tell you there is some there waiting to hear from you. They even tell you who is waiting. I spoke to Constance.

Constance seemed very nice. I explained how much (or little as the case may be) I had used the Go! Baby and that I had only had it for a month and a half. I gave as an accurate a list of the total number of pieces cut and Constance told me -
"The cutting mats should last for a few hundred cuts, so you's very well might be woren out. The more blades in the dies the harder they are on the mats"

For a short while I figured that she was right until I did the maths in my head and pointed out to Constance that I had given her the total number of pieces cut, not the number of actual cuts. If she took into consideration that I averaged three to four layers of fabric each time, and usually got two cutting shapes on one die, I was often getting six to eight pieces cut each time. Therefore I had used my Go! Baby well under 100 times.

Constance went on to tell me that some dies, like the rag squares, wear out the cutting board more quickly. That you need to turn and rotate your cutting mat. And she reiterated the 'average number of cuts in a life of a cutting mat'. So I reiterated to her that I did not use a rag die. I did rotate and turn the cutting mat. I did not use the average number of cuts on the mat, far from it.

There was not any word back from Constance for a short while, I presume she went to talk to someone else, or have a snack. When she returned she asked if I would like a new mat sent out to me. I said, 'Yes, please!'

So my Favourite Things Friday this week is getting my own way!! Well, in all truth I do think I was in the right. Judith has suggested that I keep a tally of how many cuts I get out of my next mat. I am very impressed that Judith thinks I even approach that level or organisation, ability and control over my girls. But I do think she is correct and I should do it.

I have another favourite thing for this Friday and it is my mother-in-law. Purely because John had been hankering after going camping in the Lake District this weekend. Well if this change to autumn weather was not enough to dissuade him, or the germs circulating through our house, then there was his mother reminding him that he promised to drive her to the airport on Sunday. Yippee! I am home and relaxed in my own bed. Dreadful attitude, I know, but honestly it was freezing outside last night. I do not want to be in a tent right now.

I have got some sewing done today. My boy baby quilt is sitting waiting for me to hand sew the binding on tonight and then it is finished. I fmq stippled it with the brilliant variegated thread from Aurifil that Lynne sent me. Love the result.

It took me four attempts to upload this photo.
Why does Blogger just not want to play nice some days?
We all know that every cloud has a silver lining. Well the bad news is that Helen now has my  germs. The good news? Her voice is completely gone! She isn't feeling too bad in most respects, but very, very quiet!



  1. Sorry to hear you are unwell. We've had that bug come through here last week!

    Glad your plans for the weekend have been in your favour...I don't think camping is a good idea...have you seen the forecast! :o)

    Enjoy your sewing time :o)

  2. Thanks for the review re the GO, there only ever seems to be positive reviews and I like to know the cons as well as the pros. Yippee no camping bet you are relieved. Hugs x

  3. good for you standing your ground about the Go mat..I like to see a company stand behind their product...good to know..thanks

  4. Why are we surprised when we get good customer service? Although it does seem like they were trying to put you off a lot, but we should stand our ground. I am rubbish at it, but when I have to I always feel better for it.

    Glad you avoided the camping - yuck! My idea of hell, especially with how cold its got.

  5. Boo to germs! My 4 year old has very generously given me his cold and sore throat just in time for the holidays.

    Glad you got something sorted out about the cutting mats, it'll be interesting to see how the new set fair.

    Your baby boy quilt it looking great, love the wee dogs.

  6. Oops maybe I should have told you about when I snuck in and cut 2000 individual mini HSTs for my November Bee blocks whilst you were sleeping!

    Poor Helen, getting your hand-me-down germs xxx

  7. I love the aqua and brown on the boy quilt - v.lovely! Well done on the mat, but keep the cat flap shut otherwise Hadley may sneak in again!

  8. Just goes to show persaverence pays! :) Yay for GO Customer Service! Boo to germs, Yayy to no camping, (I love my own warm bed!) and Yayyyyyyyy to Aurifil 50Wt threads! Lovely quilting! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the peace and quiet! snigger snigger!

  9. Too right they offered you a new mat - the lady at Harrogate show tried to tell me they were virtually indestructible, guess they're not!! (Also tape up the letter box, I've heard Hadley can sneak in that way too!!) Hope Helen gets better soon but enjoy the peace and quiet in the meantime ;o) Love the quilting - are you a natural or have you had LOADS of practise to get your stitch length so consistent?

  10. Bravo! Glad to hear you will be getting a replacement mat. Now I'm thinking I better keep track of the cuts I make with my Sizzix.

    Your quilting looks fab! Love Auriful threads. :o)
    Sorry the bug is making it's way through your family. Best that you're not camping. Brrrrr....
    Hope you have a cozy weekend at home!

  11. Interesting to read about the short life span of the Go! mats. Not the first time I have read that either.

  12. glad you are getting a new one sent out to you. Loving the fmq;ing on the quilt. I have a quilt ready to try to do this on: wish me luck
    And what were you saying to me yesterday about your germs and your lovely children........!!!

  13. Glad you are getting your mat your way!

    Sorry to hear Helen is not doing well.

    Glad you are not going camping.

    Sorry to hear it is cooler had been warm

    Glad you got some sewing done.

    Sorry I am not (and probably won't for quite some time). Oh and remind me to tell you about the sewing machine disaster!!!

  14. Tents in October, no way!! No fun at all!

  15. I'm glad you got some resolution on the Go dilemma, but honestly if the mats are designed to wear out that fast they really need to look at some different technology!

    Thank goodness for germs and airport runs. They both saved your arse from camping! Oops did I say arse out loud?

  16. I'm glad Accuquilt offered you a new cutting mat. Yay for customer service that is actually giving good customer service!

  17. I have yet to post my thoughts on my brand new Go (i week old), but suffice to say I have been in online chat this week with Constance too - I am being sent a brand new die as we speak.......

  18. So, I take it Helen is currently locked in a very small space with Emily and no tissues and one bottle of juice no glasses etc... til they've learned to share... lol Well done you for persisting with the customer services lass though - too right they should send you a replacement. And camping, in this weather? Nuts!

  19. Glad Constance finally caught up in the end ;o)

    So glad you're not out there in a tent, it isn't warm! All hail the mother-in-law with foresight (albeit unintentional)

    Enjoy the new thread :o)

  20. Good for you feisty Susan! Sorry about the germs in the house - is that why John wants to go in the tent - kill or cure routine!? Stay in the warmth and wrap yourself around your machine - you have my table runner to do for sure!

  21. you poor thing - hope you're 100% fit now - and oddly enough, i think a camping break would be great to get rid of all those germs about - nothing like some bracing air to let you know you're alive!

    love the boy quilt - it looks fab - and if for nothing else, i might have to indulge in a go baby to make those drunkards path blocks - a new favourite i must say!


  22. Poor you! Are you feeling any better today? I hope so. Sending happy, healthy wishes your way.

    Your little boy quilt looks so great! I can't wait to see it all quilted and finished. It's going to be smashing.

    Good for you sticking to your guns with Accuquilt. There's hope it will work out for you in the end!

  23. Polite but insistent is what my husband always says. It usually gets him what he wants.

    Tents in Octover? No way, Jose. Hope you're all feeling better soon - try not to kill anyone!

  24. Good for you sticking to your guns and getting a new mat! I just found your blog and I am now following you - would love it if you followed me back!


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